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Interview Information

This year, all University of Rochester Internal Medicine Residency interviews will be conducted virtually, in accordance with national recommendations. Interviews will be held from mid-October through mid-January.

Interview Invitations

We are committed to a holistic review to identify a diverse group of motivated, thoughtful, and conscientious future residents.

  • Our selection committee will begin reviewing applications in late September when ERAS opens. We will prioritize review of applicants that have signaled our program, but will also review and offer interviews to other qualified candidates who did not signal our program.
  • We will extend interview invitations via ERAS in once weekly batches starting the first week of October. Invitations will be offered weekdays after 3pm EST.
  • We will only extend interviews for the number of slots available, and we will notify applicants to whom we cannot extend an invitation by mid-December.
  • We use email as our primary method of communicating with applicants. Please check your email regularly.

Optional In-Person Visits

We will be offering optional in-person visits in after our virtual interview season is completed and our rank list has been finalized and certified (i.e. no changes to our rank list can be made.) The sole purpose of these optional visits is to provide internal medicine applicants who are not familiar with our program an opportunity to visit. It will have NO impact on our rank list.

Applicants applying to the categorical, physician scientist (PSTP), and both primary care programs will be eligible for these visits.

Additional details, including February visits dates, will be provided to all eligible applicants who interview with our program during the virtual interview process.