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Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP)

Successful applicants for this highly competitive program will have strong medical school academic and clinical credentials. In addition, they must have completed substantive research in an area of focus which has resulted in publications. Most successful applicants have completed additional training in research, such as a PhD or a Master’s degree, or have taken additional years in medical school for mentored research.

In addition to the standard supporting documents required for application to the categorical program, PSTP applicants should also submit an additional letter of recommendation from a research mentor.

After initial application review, applicants being considered for the PSTP program will be asked via email to complete a brief supplemental application form; the supplemental application form asks applicants to specify which subspecialty fellowship(s) they are interested in, what their career goals are, and which research faculty members they would like to meet with during their interview. If a supplemental application is requested of you, it is due within one week of the request.

Since successful PSTP candidates will enter a University of Rochester fellowship after two years in the core Internal Medicine program, their interview visit will require two days, and will include interviews with the core residency program and the relevant subspecialty division(s).

The interview for the core residency program will follow a similar format as described for all other candidates. Additional elements of the PSTP interview may include interviews with faculty and fellows from the relevant subspecialty division(s), as well as interviews with select research faculty members that were identified on the supplemental application form.