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Fellowship Placement

Sara Gianfagna, MDI was so impressed by the people at URMC. I felt that they were truly a collaborative group, across specialities, and within their own department. I also knew that due to the number of fellowships URMC offers I would get a well rounded residency experience and good training to prepare me for fellowship (and I could possibly stay at URMC if I wanted!). "

Sara Gianfagna, MD
Class of 2022

Over the past 15 years, about two-thirds of our residency graduates have gone on to fellowship training in a subspecialty of internal medicine, while the remaining third have pursued careers in general medicine, either as general internists or hospitalists. While we are glad that many of our residents stay in Rochester for fellowship, we are also extremely proud of our residents' success in matching into fellowships at outstanding academic institutions throughout the country. Here is a link to our fellowship matches from the past few years. The table below summarizes the fellowship placement results for residents applying for positions to begin from 2011-2020.

Fellowship Placement Table

Fellowship Location
Cardiology (42)

University of Rochester (21)
Brown University (2)
Thomas Jefferson University (2)
University of Florida (2)
Yale University (2)
New York University
The Ohio State University
Penn State University
Rutgers University
SUNY Upstate
Tulane University
University of Colorado
University of Massachusetts
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri-Kansas City
University of North Carolina
University of Texas at Houston
Washington University

Hematology-Oncology (30)

University of Rochester (18)
University of Maryland (2)
University of North Carolina (2)
Cleveland Clinic
Duke University
Mayo Clinic
Ohio State University
University of Southern California
University of Tennessee
Washington University
Yale University

Pulmonary-Critical Care (24)

University of Rochester (16)
Boston University
Brigham & Women’s Hospital- Harvard
Johns Hopkins University
Medical University of South Carolina
Oregon Health Sciences University
University of Minnesota
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern California

Gastroenterology (13)

University of Rochester ()
University of Connecticut (4)
Dartmouth-Hitchcock University
Tufts University
University of Buffalo
University of North Carolina

Geriatrics (10) University of Rochester (10)
Nephrology (8)

University of Rochester (2)
Brigham & Women’s Hospital- Harvard
Oregon Health Sciences University
Stanford University
Tufts University
University of Pittsburgh
University of Virginia

Palliative Care (8)

University of Rochester (7)
Cook County-Stroger Hospital

Infectious Diseases (7)

University of Rochester
Case Western Reserve University
Centers for Disease Control EIS
Cleveland Clinic
Johns Hopkins University
NIH/Children’s National
University of North Carolina

Rheumatology (5) University of Rochester(2)
Baylor University(2)
University of Pittsburgh
Allergy/Immunology (4) University of Rochester (2)
Louisiana State University
University of Iowa
Endocrinology (3) University of Rochester(2)
Massachusetts General Hospital- Harvard