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Why Rochester Internal Medicine

Applicants choose Rochester Internal Medicine for many reasons. We thought you might be interested in the thoughts of a few of our current residents.

Read our current residents' complete, unedited set of comments.

Nicholas Bishop, MD, Ph.D.I was most impressed by the morning report I attended on interview day. Everyone sat in a conference room around the same table. Every single resident was engaged and had intelligent things to say about the case presented. The feeling in the room was so different from morning report other schools. I wanted to learn in an environment like the one I witnessed there. I felt great about the people I met. I could tell the residents were happy and treated well. Great place for families with kids, fantastic public schools. Opportunities for my wife to get more training at Eastman [School of Music]."

Nick Bishop, MD, PhD
Class of 2021

Heather Clark, MD, PhDOur residents and faculty are smart and hard working but also extremely kind, humble and always up for sharing good times outside of the hospital. Our hospital is big enough to get constant exposure to interesting and unique cases but small enough to feel like you are part of a community here."

Heather Clark, MD, PhD
Class of 2021

Toluwalashe Davies, MDI chose the Internal Medicine Residency Program in Rochester because of the kind, open, and welcoming culture among the residents; also, the faculty cares and AOC cares about us residents."

Toluwalashe Davies, MD
Class of 2023

Joseph DiTursi, MDI chose the residency at URMC for several reasons. I have lived in Upstate New York my entire life and it is no secret the URMC in the best hospital system in the region. I was impressed by the program's strong leadership and support of the resident's well-being. In meeting some of the residents during my interview day, it was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the program."

Joseph DiTursi, MD
Class of 2022

Alexandra France, MDURMC offers a top-notch academic program in which I knew I would learn to be a highly competent and compassionate clinician. In addition, Rochester offers a fantastic quality of life. There is great access to outdoor activities, good restaurants and breweries, people here are friendly and cost of living is affordable. I couldn't ask for a better program or location for my residency training!"

Alexandra France, MD
Class of 2022

Timothy Hansen, MDI will be completely honest. I have spent my entire life in Upstate NY, and was planning on leaving the region for residency for a few years. However, after my interview day at URMC I knew without a doubt it was the place I wanted to be for residency. I was immediately struck by the warm and inviting atmosphere of the Medicine Department at URMC, and the true sense of community and support. I also wanted to train at a program that was at the forefront of academic excellence in graduate medical training, and I knew that by coming here for residency I was setting myself up for success in my future career."

Timothy Hansen, MD
Class of 2022

Piotr KarmilowiczThe culture and people is what stuck out to me the most. It seemed like a very welcoming program that takes the residents education seriously. The opportunities for fellowship and further training were also factoring into my decision."

Piotr Karmilowicz, MD
Class of 2023

Shifan Li, MDI was impressed with both the quality of the program, and how our program director and leadership team truly care about the well-being of the residents. One thing that really appealed to me was that the residents have the opportunity to work in two different hospital settings, Strong and Highland. Lastly, my husband grew up in Rochester, and after many visits to the area, it has come to feel like home to me as well."

Shifan Li, MD
Class of 2023

Nicholas Love, MDCulture—the culture of the city of Rochester as a whole has permeated the program. People are exceptionally friendly and approachable (from the ancillary staff, to the nurses, to your peers and supervisors) so that everyone can trust and rely on one another in an environment of mutual respect. Family—my whole extended family is in upstate NY and this brought me closer to them. People—Upstate NY is extremely welcoming and it's people are the good sort that make you want to do the best you can for them. Area—the natural beauty of upstate NY is hard to beat. Adirondack State Park, the Finger Lakes, Ithaca are all very close by."

Nicholas Love, MD
Class of 2023

Ryan O'Connor, MDURMC provided me with everything that I was looking for in a residency. First of all, I love Western/Central NY. URMC also has a great fellowship match, they produce great physicians, the curriculum is very educational and hands on, but most importantly, the camaraderie. The residents and staff here are all so friendly and make me look forward to coming to work everyday."

Ryan O'Connor, MD
Class of 2022

Brigid O'Gorman, MD, MPHExcellent program all around, prioritizes resident wellness and superb academic medicine instruction. Perfect location in WNY with access lakes, beaches, waterways, wineries, breweries, ski areas. Rochester is a historic city, with lots of culture, arts and a wide variety of good food options."

Brigid O'Gorman, MD, MPH
Class of 2021

Vaidahi Patel, MDOur program really places a strong emphasis on resident education and the clinical training is excellent. The program leadership genuinely listens if we have concerns and works with us to try to fix them. The culture of the program is one of collegiality, and I genuinely love working with my co-residents."

Vaidahi Patel, MD
Class of 2021

Eva Petrow, MDEveryone I met on my interview day was kind and down-to-earth. Great balance of excellent clinical training and quality of life, too. I was looking to train in a small/medium city with nature/hiking close by, and Rochester perfectly fit the bill. I also really liked the overall organization of the residency program with the 6+2 block schedule (three 2-week inpatient blocks followed by 2 weeks of ambulatory)."

Eva Petrow, MD
Class of 2023

Ellizabeth Pope-Collins, MDOne of the keys to successful residency training is being able to be open about what you know and what you don't so that you can continue to develop. Our program has such a strong tradition of deeply caring for and supporting residents that it extends even beyond the residency program faculty to include the nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, and respiratory techs who work with us every day. I have learned so much from all of these amazing people because collaboration and mutual respect is supported and expected here."

Elizabeth Pope-Collins, MD
Class of 2021

Sophia Russ, MDI could sense the supportive culture and closeness among residents and program leadership on my interview day which has proven to be true again and again throughout intern and PGY2 year."

Sophia Russ, M.D.
Class of 2021

Arielle Stopa, MDIt is a highly respected, academic program with very happy residents and faculty who are genuinely committed to residents' education and development. URMC is also deeply rooted in the community and values a more holistic approach to medicine. Also, I loved my interview day. I had a gut instinct that this program was a great personality fit for me!"

Arielle Stopa, MD
Class of 2023

Shireen Usman, MDThe camaraderie and friendly atmosphere by far. There is a strong sense of teamwork and looking out for one another in our residency program. It's also fun to come to work when you can laugh and bond with your co-residents."

Shireen Usman, MD
Class of 2022

Kimberly Wong, MDI chose URMC because from the structure of the rotations, approachability of the faculty, and enthusiasm of the residents, it was clear that the residency program prioritizes resident learning, experience, and overall well-being."

Kimberly Wong, MD
Class of 2023