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Our Residents

As you consider taking your first step in residency training, we encourage you to apply to the University of Rochester. We look forward to introducing you to Western New York, sharing more about our program and are confident you will be pleased with what you find.

Chief Resident

Shana Straub

Shana Straub, MD
Albany Medical College

Why Did You Choose Rochester?
I chose URMC because of its relaxed atmosphere, friendly residents, and its strengths in forensics, which is my specialty interest. Rochester is a city that runs at my pace; big enough to have lots going on, but small enough that it's not overwhelming

What Are Your Interests?

Pick 3 People To Have Dinner With?
It'd be awesome to have dinner with John Oliver, Daniel Radcliffe, and Takahata Atsuko :)  Probably not all together though

Associate Chief Resident

Sachica Cheris

Sachica Cheris, MD, M.B.A.,
American University of Antigua

Why Did You Choose Rochester?
I chose URMC because of the quantity and quality of cases encountered during residency. My favorite thing about Rochester are all of the great restaurants.

What Are Your Interests?
Cytopathology and Genitourinary pathology

Pick 3 People To Have Dinner With?
Three people I would like to have dinner with are Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates.



Diana Agostini-Vulaj
Diana Agostini-Vulaj, DO
Chicago College

Sapna Patel, MD
Sapna Patel, MD,
Xavier University SOM

Meenakshi Bansal
Meenakshi Bansal MBBS

Government Medical College


Sohaib Abu-Farsakh

Sohaib Abu-Farsakh, MD,
University of Jordan

Raman Baldzizhar

Raman Baldzizhar MD
Gomel State Medical Institute

Hani Katerji

Hani Katerji, MD
University of Aleppo

Nisha Patel

Nisha Patel, DO
Philadelphia College


Joseph Blitman

Joseph Blitman, MB, BCh, BAO
University College Dublin

Caroline Bsirini

Caroline Bsirini, MD,
University of Aleppo

Shira Winters

Shira Winters, MD,
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


Alexandra Danakas

Alexandra Danakas, DO,
Lake Erie College

Alexandra Danakas

Roula Katerji, MD,
University of Aleppo

Mushal Noor

Mushal Noor, MBBS
King Edward Medical University

Cynthia Reyes Barron

Cynthia Reyes Barron, MD
Texas Tech


Michele Pitch

Michele Pitch, BS

Year Out Student Fellow


Kerry Nagee

Kerry Nagee, MD
University of the West Indies

Breast Pathology Fellow

Chad Hudson

Michael Magguilli, MD
Albany Medical College

Cytopathology Fellow

Meenal Sharma

Meenal Sharma MBBS,
Lady Hardinge Medical College

GI Pathology Fellow

Chad Hudson

Chad Hudson, MD, PhD
SUNY Syracuse Upstate Medical Center

Hemapathology Fellow

Tanmay Sahai

Tanmay Sahai, MD
St. George's University

Transfusion Medicine Fellow