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Interdisciplinary Team Teaching

The core curriculum is taught by interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams.  The teaching faculty are from both clinical and humanities disciplines at the University of Rochester. The core curriculum is taught by healthcare providers in medicine, nursing, and other allied health fields from the Medical Center and the Division of Medical Humanities & Bioethics, and by scholars in humanities from departments of Arts, Sciences and Engineering and faculty from other healthcare and academic institutions in Rochester and the surrounding area.


Affiliated Faculty

Stephanie Brown Clark, M.D., Ph.D.
Stephanie Brown Clark, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - History of medicine and science; literature and medicine; the role of humanities in medical education; understanding differences and diversity in healthcare.
Marianne Chiafery, DNP, PNP-C, M.S.
Marianne Chiafery, DNP, PNP-C, M.S.
Assistant Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Moral distress among nurses and other health care providers, pediatrics, impact of cultural and religious beliefs on treatment decisions, nursing and medical student ethics education
Susan Daiss, M.A., M.Div
Susan Daiss, M.A., M.Div
Senior Associate

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Visual arts and healthcare education; visual arts, spirituality and patient care; thanatology in the visual arts.
Richard Dees, Ph.D.
Richard Dees, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Transplant ethics; neuroethics; and public health ethics.
Richard Demme, M.D.
Richard Demme, M.D.
Associate Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Ethical issues in transplantation; transplantation issues in movies; ethical issues at the end of life; history of research ethics; history of medicine; functions of hospital ethics committees.
Alexander Larsen, M.A., Ph.D.
Alexander Larsen, M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Literature and medicine; biopolitics in historical and contemporary contexts; history of the life sciences; critical theory and medicine; nineteenth-century American culture.
Marie-Patricia Luck, M.B.Ch.B.
Marie-Patricia Luck, M.B.Ch.B.
Assistant Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Understanding intersectionality within health care; exploring the transitional spaces of our lives; mindfulness in medicine; touch, presence and intimacy in the clinical encounter; cross-cultural narratives; health justice.
Marjorie Shaw, J.D., Ph.D.
Marjorie Shaw, J.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Law and ethics in clinical decision-making, including the rights and interests of the patient, family, professions, state, and federal government; ethics of engagement; and legal and ethics education in the clinical professions.
Bernard Sussman, M.D.
Bernard Sussman, M.D.
Clinical Professor

Medical Humanities and Bioethics - Ethics of end of life decision making, narrative ethics, palliative care, surrogate decision making in end of life medical care

Guest Lecturers

Carl T. D'Angio, MD
Professor, Pediatrics (Neonatology) and Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Marcia Buckley, NP, MSN
​Palliative Care

Chin-To Fong, MD
Professor, Pediatrics, Biochemistry & Biophysics, and Medical Humanities & Bioethics

John T. Hansen, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience
Associate Dean for Admissions, School of Medicine & Dentistry

Christopher Hoolihan, MLS
Librarian, Miner Library, URMC

Nicholas Jospe, MD
Professor, Pediatrics (Endocrinology)

David C. Kaufman, MD
Professor, Surgery (Thoracic) and Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Kathy Lechner, RN
Palliative Care

Darcey Mulligan, MLIS
Liaison Librarian, Institute for Innovative Education: Miner Library

Allen Orr, PhD
Professor, Department of Biology, University of Rochester

Dorinda Outram, PhD
Professor, Department of History, University of Rochester

James Perkins, MS, MFA, CMI
Associate Professor, Medical Illustration
Rochester Institute of Technology

Timothy E. Quill, MD
Georgia and Thomas Gosnell Distinguished Professor in Palliative Care
Professor, Medicine (Palliative Care) and Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Marilyn Rosen
Professional Story Teller
Retired Research Library, Miner Library, URMC

Jessica C. Shand, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics (Hematology/Oncology)

Kelly Unsworth, MS, CCRC, CIP
Office of Human Subject Protection

Veronica Weider
Director, Creative Wellness Opportunities
Mental Health Association

Gina Zanolli, Instructor
Visual and Performing Arts
Monroe Community College

Brandon Zimmerman
Graduate Student
Photographic Preservation and Collections Management
University of Rochester and George Eastman Museum