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2017-2018 Student Composite


Current Students

Viktoriya  Anokhina

Viktoriya  Anokhina

Research Interest: Increasing Cellular Concentrations and Specificity of RNA-targeted anti-HIV Compounds

Chen Bao

Chen Bao

Research Interest: Frameshifting Stimulating Stem Loops Induce Ribosome Pausing by Inhibiting tRNA Binding to the Ribosome A Site

Tyler Couch

Tyler Couch

Research Interest: The Histone Mono-methyltransferase Setd8 is an Important Regulator in Human Erythropoiesis

Meemanage  De Zoysa

Meemanage  De Zoysa

Research Interest: Guide-Substrate RNA Base-Pairing Requirements for RNA Guided Pseudouridylation

Thareendra De Zoysa

Thareendra De Zoysa

Research Interest: Conservation of tRNA Quality Control Pathways in Eukaryotes

Sierra Fox

Sierra Fox

Research Interest: Dissecting the Function of Domain-Forming Transcriptional Enhancers

Christopher Goodwin

Christopher Goodwin

Research Interest: HCMV and Immunity: UL26 Interactions with the NFkB and ISGylation Host Defense Pathways

Lu Han

Lu Han

Research Interest: Substrate specificity of the Trm140 C32 methyltransferase

Fanfan Hao

Fanfan Hao

Research Interest: Communication between the Core Histone Tails and H1 Carboxyl-Terminal Domain

Lisa Houston

Lisa Houston

Research Interest: Understanding the Mechanisms of Codon Pair Inhibition

Nazish Jeffery

Nazish Jeffery

Research Interest: The Role of Histone H2A Variants in Erythropoiesis

Wan-Jung Lai

Wan-Jung Lai

Research Interest: The Closeness of the 5’ and 3’ ends is a Universal Property of mRNA

Bronwyn Lucas

Bronwyn Lucas

Research Interest: ER-associated Functions of the Double-stranded RNA-binding Protein Staufen1

Lingfeng Luo

Lingfeng Luo

Research Interest: The Roles of PDE10A and PDE1A in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells and Pathological Vascular Remodeling

Nicholas Macoretta

Nicholas Macoretta

Research Interest: The Roles of Histone Variants and Histone Modifications in Aging

Luke Marr

Luke Marr

Research Interest: A Novel Method for Probing Chromatin Accessibility

Isreal Moreno

Isreal Moreno

Research Interest: The Role of Non-canonical Metabolic Isoforms During HCMV Infection

Yuliya Muradova

Yuliya Muradova

Research Interest: Secondary Structure Clues About Function of Leukemic Protein PRDM3

Matthew Payea

Matthew Payea

Research Interest: Mutations in the Anticodon Stem Can Provoke 5’-3’ tRNA Degradation by the Rapid tRNA Decay (RTD) Pathway

Matthew Raymonda

Matthew Raymonda

Monika Tasak

Monika Tasak

Research Interest: Analysis of the tRNA Specificity of a Yeast Anticodon Loop Methyltransferase.

Arica VanderWal

Arica VanderWal

Ethan Walker

Ethan Walker

Research Interest: Global Analysis of Protein Stability by Mass Spectrometry

Jiyu Wang

Jiyu Wang

Research Interest: Multi-protein Bridging Factor 1(Mbf1), Rps3 and Asc1 Prevent Stalled Ribosomes from Frameshifting

Qiangzong Yin

Qiangzong Yin

Hong Zhu

Hong Zhu

Research Interest: Yeast Cell Surface Display of HIV Envelope Proteins for Vaccine Development