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2016-2017 Student Composite

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year

6th Year


Viktoriya  Anokhina
Viktoriya  Anokhina
    Chen Bao
    Chen Bao
    • First Year
      Christina Brule
      Christina Brule
        Identification and Characterization of Inhibitory Codon Pairs in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
        Qiang Chen
        Qiang Chen
          Tyler Couch
          Tyler Couch
            Amber Cutter
            Amber Cutter
              Meemanage  De Zoysa
              Meemanage  De Zoysa
                Thareendra De Zoysa
                Thareendra De Zoysa
                  Sierra Fox
                  Sierra Fox
                    Christopher Goodwin
                    Christopher Goodwin
                      Lu Han
                      Lu Han
                        Fanfan  Hao
                        Fanfan  Hao
                          Steven Henderson
                          Steven Henderson
                            Lisa Houston
                            Lisa Houston
                              Nazish Jeffery
                              Nazish Jeffery
                                Wan-Jung Lai
                                Wan-Jung Lai
                                  Clarence Ling
                                  Clarence Ling
                                    Modulation of Ribosome Dynamics by Translation Factors and Antibiotics
                                    Bronwyn Lucas
                                    Bronwyn Lucas
                                      Lingfeng Luo
                                      Lingfeng Luo
                                        Nicholas Macoretta
                                        Nicholas Macoretta
                                        • First Year
                                          Jerry Madukwe
                                          Jerry Madukwe
                                            Role of Mitochondria in Osteogenic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells During Aging
                                            Luke Marr
                                            Luke Marr
                                              Isreal Moreno
                                              Isreal Moreno
                                              • First Year
                                                Yuliya Muradova
                                                Yuliya Muradova
                                                  Matthew Payea
                                                  Matthew Payea
                                                    Characterization of Rapid tRNA Decay: High-Throughput Identification of tRNA Substrates
                                                    Christopher Phipps
                                                    Christopher Phipps
                                                      Michael Sloma
                                                      Michael Sloma
                                                        Owen Smith
                                                        Owen Smith
                                                          The Physiologic Role of Mitochondrial Potassium Channels
                                                          Ethan Walker
                                                          Ethan Walker
                                                          • First Year
                                                            Jiyu Wang
                                                            Jiyu Wang
                                                              Qiangzong Yin
                                                              Qiangzong Yin
                                                                Beijie Yu
                                                                Beijie Yu
                                                                • First Year
                                                                  Hong Zhu
                                                                  Hong Zhu