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Annual Evaluations

Assessing Progress

The TBS Program has a responsibility to keep track of its students and to determine that they are making progress in their graduate training. This review is done using an annual evaluation form  as follows:

First year students will receive written evaluations from each of their three Lab Rotation advisors. In addition, the Mentor Development Working Group (MDWG) will review the progress of the first year students’ coursework and lab rotation evaluations. If remediation is necessary, the MDWG will design an action plan appropriate to address the student’s weaknesses. A designated MDWG member will see that the remediation is carried out in a timely way. A report on remediation activities will be prepared  prepared by the student, the research advisor (if one has been chosen at this time), the assigned MDWG member and the Program Co-Directors, and submitted to the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Starting in the second year, the student's dissertation committee must meet at least annually to review the student's progress. Therefore, at the end of each year, the committee must meet, review and evaluate progress, and submit an annual evaluation report form to the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Students.. Submission instructions are included on the form. The student's pre-qualifying exam or qualifying exam fulfills the requirement for the annual review meeting as long as it takes place near the end of the academic year. The annual evaluation form must be completed by the student and committee in this situation, as it must be each year.

To be in good standing for any academic year, a student's committee must have meet and reviewed progress during the preceding year. It is the responsibility of one of the TBS Program Co-Directors to make sure that the MDWG reviews progress for first-year students. After that, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure his or her committee meets and completes the annual evaluation process.

Important Dates

  • June 15: Exam or thesis committees must have met and reviews student progress
  • One week after committee meeting: Research Advisor must have sent the complete Annual Evaluation Form to the Program Coordinator and Program Co-Directors.