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Current Students


Kadijah Abston
Kadijah Abston
Research Interest:
Define the information carriers in semen underlying Pb-induced transgenerational behavioral alterations.
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson
Research Interest:
Neurotoxicity of inhaled pesticides
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell
Research Interest:
Investigating the role of proton sensing G-protein coupled receptors in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Janine Cubello
Janine Cubello
Research Interest:
Studying the effects of lead exposure and gestational iron deficiency on neurodevelopment and cellular functioning in the central nervous system.
Ashley Fields
Ashley Fields, M.S.
Research Interest:
Vitamin B6 deficiency during pregnancy: a model to study mechanisms underlying gestational diabetes mellitus
Jakob Gunderson
Jakob Gunderson
Research Interest:
Investigating the effect of methylmercury on adult Drosophila myogenesis via the Nrf2 pathway
Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson, M.S.
Research Interest:
Toll-like receptor 4 signaling and fibroblast apoptosis resistance in radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis
Denise Herr
Denise Herr, M.S.
Research Interest:
The effects of ultrafine particulates from air pollution on the progression of Alzheimer's Disease.
Katrina Jew
Katrina Jew, M.S.
Research Interest:
The effects of ultrafine particles from air pollution on the behavioral and pathological progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
Connor McGuire
Connor McGuire
Research Interest:
Studying the ways in which mixtures of thyroid hormone disrupting chemicals alter the development of the immune system in Xenopus laevis.
Alyssa Merrill
Alyssa Merrill
Brian Palmer
Brian Palmer, M.S.
Research Interest:
Investigating the epidermal penetration of topically applied nanoparticles and the effect they have on skin resident immune cells in a murine model
Mackenzie Palmer
Mackenzie Palmer
Research Interest:
Investigating cellular mechanisms that are involved in the development of radiation-induce pulmonary fibrosis.
Ashley Peppriell
Ashley Peppriell
Research Interest:
Using the Drosophila model to investigate methylmercury toxicity in developing muscle.
Sarah Phelan
Sarah Phelan, M.S.
Research Interest:
Studying the effects of ultraviolet radiation and topically applied nanoparticles
Christina Post
Christina Post, M.S.
Research Interest:
Transgenerational exposures as environmental modifiers of immune system function
Emily Quarato
Emily Quarato
Ashley Rackow
Ashley Rackow, M.S.
Research Interest:
Investigating the dysregulation of metabolic pathways which contribute to the pathogenesis of cardiac and pulmonary fibrosis
Jasmine Reed
Jasmine Reed, M.S.
Research Interest:
Investigating the effects of maternal exposure to estrogenic chemicals, including BPA and TBBPA, on reproductive health and pregnancy outcomes.
Timothy Smyth
Timothy Smyth, M.S.
Research Interest:
Investigating the effects of diesel exhaust particles on epithelial barrier integrity in the lung.
Alexandra Strohm
Alexandra Strohm
Keegan Vaughan
Keegan Vaughan
Research Interest:
Investigating aryl hydrocarbon receptor regulation in hematopoietic stem cells
Candace Wong
Candace Wong, M.S.
Research Interest:
Studying the effects of ambient ultrafine particles on the biodistribution of tracer nanoparticles in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model.