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Current Students


Catherine Beamish
Catherine Beamish, BS

Research Interest:

Developmental toxicity of methylmercury and other heavy metals

Janine Cubello
Janine Cubello

Research Interest:
Studying the effects of lead exposure and gestational iron deficiency on neurodevelopment and cellular functioning in the central nervous system.
Kristina  Fenner

Research Interest:
Studying the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells during viral infection
Ian Krout
Ian Krout

Research Interest:
The gut microbiome role in methylmercury toxico-kinetics
Thomas Lamb
Thomas Lamb

Research Interest:
Investigating the effects of flavoring chemicals in e-cigarettes on macrophage function
Joseph Lucas
Joseph Lucas

Research Interest:
Studying the effects of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid on lung barrier integrity and the development of asthma
Alyssa Merrill
Alyssa Merrill

Research Interest:
The effects of endocrine disrupting compounds on both fetal and maternal health following gestational exposure.
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan

Research Interest:
Investigating the bioactivity of microplastics and their adsorbed chemicals in an in vitro mammalian model.
Mackenzie Palmer
Mackenzie Palmer

Research Interest:
Investigating cellular mechanisms that are involved in the development of radiation-induce pulmonary fibrosis.
Melanie Perkins
Melanie Perkins

Research Interest:

Investigating the role of B cells in autoimmune disease

Elizabeth Plunk
Elizabeth Plunk

Research Interest:

Investigating the effects of developmental exposures to environmentally relevant toxicants on glia and neurons

Emily Quarato
Emily Quarato

Research Interest:
Defining role of mesenchymal stem cell phagocytosis in radiation induced bone loss.
Alexandra Strohm
Alexandra Strohm

Research Interest:

Perturbations in microglia/neuronal communication following radiation

Adelaide Weidner
Adelaide Weidner

Research Interest:

Investigating the roles of non-classical ovarian androgen signaling and endocrine-disrupting chemicals in polycystic ovary syndrome