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Advanced Teacher Training Program

For graduates of our Facilitator Training program:

The application process for our new and expanded Mindful Practice in Medicine Advanced Teacher Training Program (formerly the Mindful Practice Internship Program), which will begin January 2022, is now open! The goal of the mentor-based program is to create a learning community within which you will hone your skills to present Mindful Practice in Medicine programs that will have a greater impact on health professional flourishing and quality of care. Up until now 28 trainees have been through this year-long program, representing medical communities in the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.

With much reflection on interns’ learning needs and Mindful Practice in Medicine’s desire to help local programs get off the ground and flourish, we have expanded the program and have made substantial additions and changes in the structure of the internship. We will work with up to 8 interns per year. Expanding on prior components of 90-minute, monthly meetings and monthly mentoring sessions, new components include 2-hour monthly meetings, twice monthly 1:1 mentoring, guidance for interns to offer and adapt Mindful Practice in Medicine workshops specifically for their own local communities, collaborative work with other interns, and structures for ongoing collaborations among interns after completing the internship. Rather than co-teaching with us at a Chapin Mill Core Workshop, we have initiated a new series of annual facilitator/intern gatherings where you can hone your teaching skills and get feedback on a segment of a Mindful Practice in Medicine program that you will have developed.

Here are some of the highlights of this new program design:

  1. 6-8 interns per yearly cycle.
  2. Each intern will work directly, one-on-one, with two primary faculty over the course of the year. Mentor meetings will be twice monthly.
  3. Groups of interns will work together outside of group meetings with faculty - in pairs and as an entire group.
  4. Each intern will develop a Mindful Practice in Medicine program of varying design (from multi-day intensive, to series of regular sessions, to half-day or full-day program, in-person, on-line or both).
  5. Faculty will supervise the development of these programs from planning through delivery, assisting interns not only with program design but also marketing, communications, institutional/organizational relationships, continuing education credit process, among other needs.
  6. Group meetings of the entire intern cohort with the full faculty (10 meetings of 120 minutes each) will cover topics including: History of Mindful Practice in Medicine; Structure of the Modules; Deeper Dives into Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Interviews; The Role of Narratives and Narrative Medicine in Mindful Practice in Medicine; Group Dynamics and Mindfulness-Based Inquiry; Institutional/Organizational issues; Building a Wider Mindful Practice in Medicine community; as well as Designing Mindful Practice in Medicine Programs to meet local needs.
  7. Interns will attend the annual intern/facilitator gathering. The first gathering was held at the Chapin Mill Retreat Center* (although future venues can be elsewhere depending on group desires and needs), and over 80% of intern graduates joined us for several days of contemplative practice, Mindful Practice in Medicine programming, and professional and social connections. Current interns as well as all of those who have completed the internship program since its inception are invited to attend and are only charged for room and board, currently about $600. At the gathering, current interns will have the opportunity to present and receive feedback on a segment of a workshop that they have developed.
  8. As you consider applying for this program and want to calculate the time commitment, please consider the following: 10 large group monthly meetings 120 minutes; mentor-intern meetings usually 1 hour, up to twice monthly; meetings with fellow interns once or twice monthly. In addition to this, you will need time to read or view materials in preparation for the large group meetings, and time to plan and develop a Mindful Practice in Medicine program offering. Best to plan on 5-8 hours per month for 10 months, plus attending the annual intern/facilitator gathering.


We believe that this internship program will be mutually beneficial. We are looking to expand our faculty base to offer Mindful Practice in Medicine Programs in communities around the world. Our intention is that, on completion of the internship, you would have the necessary skills to teach Mindful Practice in Medicine alone, with other current and former intern colleagues, and with us.  We have developed meaningful and lasting collegial relationships with previous interns and would look forward to do so with you.

The cost will be $8,500. Payment plans can be arranged. Certificates of completion will be offered and, depending on participants’ needs, we will arrange for CME credits.

To apply, please click on THIS LINK. (insert the link info from below)

Although we will be reviewing applications as they come in, we will announce acceptance into the program in batches, every 6-8 weeks until mid- December.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and joining our Mindful Practice in Medicine community.