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Appointments at Highland Family Medicine

Highland Family Medicine

We are currently accepting new patients

Please click the link if you would like more information about becoming a patient at Highland Family Medicine.

Request an Appointment By Phone

For routine and urgent appointments during normal business hours, please call your Suite secretary. If you don't know which Suite you're assigned to, call the Call Center at (585) 279-4800, and a representative can help assist you. Please call at least four weeks in advance for routine visits (i.e., annual physical examination, well child care, etc.).




100 (585) 279-4800

(585) 324-4532


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4669


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4705


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4605


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4725


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4625


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4745


(585) 279-4800

(585) 279-4645

  • Because many of our early morning calls are for urgent care, please delay calls for routine care until late morning or afternoon.
  • When scheduling an appointment, please give the secretary an idea of what problems you would like to discuss during the visit. A simple problem can generally be addressed in a 15-minute appointment slot. If you have more than two problems or a severe new problem, please ask for an extended 30-minute appointment. Due to the demands by other patients, a provider generally cannot address more than one problem in a brief visit or more than three problems in an extended visit. By providing an accurate description of your problems to the secretary, we can better allow adequate time with your health care provider.
  • We try to ensure continuity of care with your doctor. If your doctor isn't available, however, it may be necessary to schedule urgent visits with another provider.

Cancellations and/or Late Arrivals

Call the office at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep an appointment. Failure to cancel an appointment prevents other patients from being seen and increases the cost of care. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your provider may have to ask you to reschedule your appointment. Highland Family Medicine follows the Strong Health policy for dismissing patients who repeatedly miss appointments. 

General Phone Calls

  • For prescription refills that have not expired, please call your pharmacy.
  • For expired prescription refills between appointments, please call 585-279-4800.
  • For referrals, please call 585-279-4800.
  • For other general information and requests, please call 585-279-4800.
  • For throat culture, urine culture, and pregnancy test results, please call 585-279-4800  from the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon or between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. Other test results should be given to you by your health care provider.