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Your Visit to Highland Family Medicine

Highland Family Medicine

We are currently accepting new patients!

For more information about becoming a patient at Highland Family Medicine please call our new patient line at (585) 279-4889. If you are a new patient, please complete the New Patient Registration Form before your first visit. Adults please complete the Adult Health History Form and then follow the instructions below.

Visit Information

Before Your Visit

Prescription Medications

  • If you need a refill on your medications before your next appointment, please try to give us at least five days' advance notice. We strive to refill your prescription as soon as possible, but allowing us more time will reduce the chance you will be without your medication in the event of extenuating circumstances. Consider requesting all medication refills during appointments. You will need the following:
    • Name of the medication
    • Dosage (mg)
    • Pharmacy name
    • Pharmacy phone number
    • Pharmacy address
    • Prescription number
    • Directions for us 

HFM Suboxone Program

Highland Family Medicine provides outpatient treatment for patients with stable opioid use disorder including treatment with Buprenorphine (Suboxone or similar medications). This program is for patients who have completed Chemical Dependency, and who are currently being prescribed Buprenorphine (Suboxone or similar medications), related to Opioid Use Disorder, not chronic pain.

For safety reasons, in general, people on Buprenorphine should also not be taking any Benzodiazepines.

If you wish to receive care with Buprenorphine at Highland Family Medicine, please complete the intake forms: HFM Suboxone Packet, and when completed please drop it off to Highland Family Medicine (central check-in). Please provide either your counselor or current Suboxone provider with the intake questionnaire (last part of Suboxone Intake Packet) for completion and when completed please have them fax it back to 585-279-4754. For more information, please contact the Suboxone Intake Coordinator at 585-324-4527, or via email.

For patients interested in participating in the CASA Trinity/HFM Telemed Suboxone Program, please complete the CASA Trinity HFM Telemed Packet. Please have your current Suboxone provider/counselor complete the Intake Questionnaire, that is the last page of the intake packet. Once both parts are completed, please fax it to 585-279-4754.

Hospital Care

We use Strong Hospital for adults & children requiring hospitalization and Highland Hospital for newborns requiring hospitalization. Your family physician will maintain contact with you during your hospitalization. In addition, a faculty physician will be involved in your hospital care. If you are admitted to another area hospital, your primary care physician will be unable to care for you during your hospitalization.

Patient Suggestion

Have a suggestion or comment, please follow the link: Patient Suggestion, and a member of our management team will follow-up.