Photo of Manuel Ares
Manuel Ares Jr., Ph.D. UC Santa Cruz home University of California Santa Cruz Research Focus: Mechanisms and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing
Photo of Liran Carmel
Liran Carmel, Ph.D. Genetics Hebrew University of Jerusalem Research Focus: Gene Architecture, parallel sequencing, nonsense mediated decay (NMD), phylogenetics, systems biology.
Photo of Clara Kielkopf
Clara L. Kielkopf, Ph.D. Biochemistry & Biophysics University of Rochester Research Focus: Splicing defects in hematologic malignancies; roles of human pre-mRNA splicing factors in HIV-1 infectivity; development of engineered splicing factors for correction of splicing defects; splice sites and their associated proteins as therapeutic targets.
Photo of Robert Singer
Robert H. Singer, Ph.D. Anatomy and Structural Biology Albert Einstein College of Medicine Research Focus: Understanding the expression and movement of RNA from transcription through nuclear export to localization in the cytoplasmic compartments
Photo of Bin Tian
Bin Tian, Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School Research Focus: Post-transcriptional gene regulation in development and disease