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Photo of Manuel Ares Manuel Ares Jr., Ph.D.
UC Santa Cruz home (University of California Santa Cruz)

Research Focus: Mechanisms and regulation of pre-mRNA splicing.
Photo of Liran Carmel Liran Carmel, Ph.D.
Genetics (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Research Focus: Gene Architecture, parallel sequencing, nonsense mediated decay (NMD), phylogenetics, systems biology.
Photo of Clara Kielkopf Clara L. Kielkopf, Ph.D.
Biochemistry & Biophysics (University of Rochester)

Research Focus: Splicing defects in hematologic malignancies; roles of human pre-mRNA splicing factors in HIV-1 infectivity; development of engineered splicing factors for correction of splicing defects; splice sites and their associated proteins as therapeutic targets.
Photo of Robert SingerRobert H. Singer, Ph.D.

Anatomy and Structural Biology (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Research Focus: Understanding the expression and movement of RNA from transcription through nuclear export to localization in the cytoplasmic compartments.
Photo of Bin Tian Bin Tian, Ph.D.
Professor, Gene Expression & Regulation Program (The Wistar Institute Cancer Center)

Research Focus: Post-transcriptional gene regulation in development and disease.