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Peridontal Research

Healthy teeth, healthy tooth enamel and healthy periodontal tissues are among the prerequisite for dental health and for a long life of the dentition. Unfortunately, the majority of the U.S. population suffers from caries and periodontal disease.  For four decades so far, Dr. Diekwisch’s research has focused on understanding the basis of these tooth-related diseases and developing molecular tools for their treatment.  From 1987-1990, Tom Diekwisch trained with one of Europe’s pre-eminent periodontists at that time, Dr. Lavin Flores-de-Jacoby, in Marburg/FRG. Ever since his first exposure to periodontal research and clinic in 1987, his work has been dedicated toward understanding the development of periodontal tissues and discovering novel therapeutic aids to improve the oral health of patients suffering from periodontal disease. He hopes that with the current line of work, the practicing dentist and periodontist will be provided with future aids that will help with the biological regeneration of periodontal tissues.

Contributions to the area of periodontal research include a high-impact paper related to the mesenchymal origin of cementum (Diekwisch 2001), the first study demonstrating extensive movements of neural crest derived tissues during the development of the periodontium (Diekwisch 2002), the discovery that the dental follicle contains diverse progenitor populations which may independently give rise to various periodontal tissues (Luan et al. 2006a), a comprehensive analysis of the role of Hertwig’s Epithelial Root Sheath in tooth root development (Luan et al. 2006b), a characterization of the extracellular matrix environment influencing periodontal progenitor growth and differentiation (Dangaria et al. 2009) and studies related to the systems biology and epigenetics of periodontal progenitor populations (Dangaria et al. 2011a, Gopinathan et al. 2013). Our combined periodontal progenitor – surface topography approach to facilitate tooth replantation (Dangaria et al. 2011b,c) has found much acclaim in the popular press. In recent years, Diekwisch’s research has focused on the application of microRNAs and small molecules for the regeneration of periodontal tissues.

Contributions to Journals

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Book Chapters

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Media Reports

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