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Interactions of the Core Histone Tail Domains

Illustration of tail states and interactions within chromatin

Possible tail states and interactions stars within chromatin. Tails lines can exist in either
structured (1) or unstructured states (2); interact with nucleosomal (3) or linker (4) DNA;
make internucleosomal protein-protein (5) or protein-DNA interactions (6); interact with

non-nucleosomal proteins (7); or even interact with each other, perhaps within the same nucleosome (8).

Posttranslational modifications star could alter tail structure and interactions (9) and potentially

cause a concerted rearrangement of tail contacts (10).

We are interested elucidating the mechanisms by which the core histone tail domains define the structural and functional state of nucleosomes and the chromatin fiber. To this end we prepare well-defined model chromatin complexes and chemically and spectroscopically probe structure and interactions in solution. Our goal is to understand the complex set of interactions of the core histone tail domains in single nucleosomes and ultimately in oligonucleosomal complexes and how critical posttranslational modifications of the tails alter these interactions.

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