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Selected Publications

Weiss MY, Melnyk R, Mix D, Ghazi A, Vates GE, Stone JJ. "Design and Validation of a Cervical Laminectomy Simulator using 3D Printing and Hydrogel Phantoms." Operative neurosurgery.. 2019 Jun 3; Epub 2019 Jun 03.

Towner MN, Lozada-Capriles Y, LaLonde A, Ertefaie A, Stone J, Bhagavath B, Ghazi A. "Creation and Piloting of a Model for Simulating a Minimally Invasive Myomectomy." Cur?us. 2019 Mar 11; 11(3):e4223. Epub 2019 Mar 11.

Santangelo G, Mix D, Ghazi A, Stoner M, Vates GE, Stone JJ. "Development of a Whole-Task Simulator for Carotid Endarterectomy." Operative neurosurgery.. 2018 Jun 1; 14(6):697-704.

Ghazi A, Campbell T, Melnyk R, Feng C, Andrusco A, Stone J, Erturk E. "Validation of a Full-Immersion Simulation Platform for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Using Three-Dimensional Printing Technology." Journal of endourology. 2017 Dec; 31(12):1314-1320.

Ghazi A, Siebert A, Fazili A, Agrawal A, Feng C and Peyre S. "Medical student deliberate practice on a virtual- reality curriculum can achieve equivalency to senior urology resident real-time training". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e272.

Ghazi A, Stone JJ, Candela B, Richards M, Joseph J. "Simulated inanimate model for physical learning experience (SIMPLE) for robotic partial nephrectomy using a 3-D printed kidney model". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e778.

Ghazi A, Siebert A, Agrawal A, Feng C and Peyre S. "Accelerated skills acquisition protocol (asap): an effective time-efficient approach to virtual reality basic task simulation training". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e271.

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