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Research Publications

2022 (2)

- Ghazi A. " A Call for Change. Can 3D Printing Replace Cadavers for Surgical Training?."  Urol Clin North Am, 2022 Feb.

- Melnyk R, Chen Y, Holler T, Schuler N, Saba P, et al. " Utilizing head-mounted eye trackers to analyze patterns and decision-making strategies of 3D virtual modelling platform (IRIS™) during preoperative planning for renal cancer surgeries."  World J Urol, 2022 Jan.

2021 (3)

- Saba P, Melnyk R, Holler T, et al. " Comparison of Multi-Parametric MRI of the Prostate to 3D Prostate Computer Aided Designs and 3D-Printed Prostate Models for Pre-Operative Planning of Radical Prostatectomies: A Pilot Study."  Urology, 2021 Sept.

- Melnyk R, Saba P, Holler T, et al. " Design and Implementation of an Emergency Undocking Curriculum for Robotic Surgery.."  Simulation in Healthcare: Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, 2021 Aug.

- Ghazi A, Melnyk R, Farooq S, et al. " Validity of a patient-specific percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) simulated surgical rehearsal platform: impact on patient and surgical outcomes."  World J Urol, 2021 June.

2020 (20)

- McGann K, Melnyk R, Saba P, Joseph J et al. " Implementation of an E-Learning Academic Elective for Hands-On Basic Surgical Skills to Supplement Medical School Surgical Education."  Journal of Surgical Education, 2020 Dec.

- Koji T, Ghazi A, Hernandez-Alejandro R. " Looking Beyond the Horizon: Patient-Specific Rehearsals for Complex Liver Surgeries With 3D Printed Model."  Annals of Surgery, 2020 Dec.

- Carla P, Ghazi A, Dimitrios S, et al. " How Wearable Technology Can Facilitate AI Analysis of Surgical Videos."  Annals of Surgery, 2020 Dec.

- Ghazi A, Saba P, Melnyk R, Joseph J. " Utilizing 3D Printing and Hydrogel Casting for the Development of Patient-Specific Rehearsal Platforms for Robotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomies."  Gold Journal, 2020 Nov.

- Melnyk R, Saba P, Holler, T, et al. "#80: Design and implementation of an emergency undocking curriculum for robotic surgery."  Northeastern Section of the AUA, 72nd Annual Meeting Abstracts, Canadian Urological Association Journal, 2020 Sept.

- Witthaus MW, Saba P, Melnyk R, et al. "#87 Cost-effectiveness of penile prosthetic simulation training: A comparison of cadavers and non-biohazardous hydrogel models."  Northeastern Section of the AUA, 72nd Annual Meeting Abstracts, Canadian Urological Association Journal, 2020 Sept.

- Osinski T, Melnyk R, Holler, T, et al. "#88 Assessing performance through gaze patterns and pupillometry during ultrasound-guided percutaneous renal access on a hydrogel model utilizing eye-tracking technology."  Northeastern Section of the AUA, 72nd Annual Meeting Abstracts, Canadian Urological Association Journal, 2020 Sept.

- Melnyk R, Campbell T, Holler T, Cameron K, Saba P, Witthaus MW, et al. " See Like an Expert: Gaze-Augmented Training Enhances Skill Acquisition in a Virtual Reality Robotic Suturing Task."  Journal of Endourology, 2020 Oct.

- Kavoussi N, Pitt B, Ferguson J,... Melnyk R, Ghazi A, et al. " Accuracy of Touch-Based Registration During Robotic, Image-Guided Partial Nephrectomy Before and After Tumor Resection in Validated Phantoms."  Journal of Endourology, 2020 Oct.

- Witthaus MW, Saba P, Melnyk R, Ajay D, et al. " The Surgeon's Corner: Future of Penile Prosthetic Surgical Training Is Here: Design of a Hydrogel Model for Inflatable Penile Prosthetic Placement Using Modern Education Theory."  The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2020 Sept.

- Ghazi A, Melnyk R, Hung AJ, Collins J, Ertefaie A, Saba P, et al. " Multi‐institutional validation of a Perfused Robot‐Assisted Partial Nephrectomy Procedural Simulation platform utilizing clinically relevant objective metrics of simulators (CROMS)."  BJU International, 2020 Sept.

- Saba P, Ayers B, Melnyk R, Gosev I, Ghazi A, Hicks G. " Development of a High-Fidelity Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Training Platform Using 3D Printing and Hydrogel Molding."  The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2020 June.

- Saba P, Belfast E, Melnyk R, Patel A, Kashyap R, Ghazi A. " Development of a High-Fidelity Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplant (RAKT) Simulation Platform using 3D Printing and Hydrogel Casting Technologies." Journal of Endourology 2020 June

- Saba P, Melnyk R, Witthaus MW, Warren G, Ajay D, Cranwell A, et al. " V07-12 Development of a High Fidelity 3-piece Inflatable Penile Prosthetic (Ipp) Model Using 3d-printing and Hydrogel Molding." Journal of Urology 2020 Apr; 203(Supplement 4):e646-e646.

- Saba P, Melnyk R, Witthaus MW, Dalton J, Farooq S, Wu G, et al. " MP47-09 Verification of Force Sensor Apparatus Data Using Expert Grading of a Radical Prostatectomy Nerve Sparing Simulation." Journal of Urology 2020 Apr; 203(Supplement 4):e687-e687.

- Melnyk R, Holler T, Gurung P, Oppenheimer D, et al. " MP47-04 Application Of IRIStm 3D Anatomical Model For Preoperative Surgical Planning In The Management Of Renal Masses." Journal of Urology 2020 Apr; 203(Supplement 4):e447-e447.

- Melnyk R, Saba P, Witthaus MW, Warren G, Ajay D, Campbell T, et al. " PD20-01 Validation of a Penile Prosthetics Placement Simulation Platform for Surgical Training: a Comparative Study With Cadavers." Journal of Urology 2020 Apr; 203(Supplement 4):e447-e447.

- Gurung P, Wang B, Holler T, Melnyk R, Saba P, Feng C, et al. " PD02-02 Impact of Preoperative Patient-specific Simulations for Robot-assisted Partial Nephrectomy in Highly Complex Renal Tumors: a Propensity-matched Analysis of Composite Outcomes." Journal of Urology 2020 Apr; 203(Supplement 4):e66-e66.

- Witthaus MW, Farooq S, Melnyk R, Campbell T, Saba P, Mathews E, et al. "Incorporation and validation of clinically relevant performance metrics of simulation (CRPMS) into a novel full-immersion simulation platform for nerve-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (NS-RARP) utilizing three-dimensional printing and hydrogel casting technology." BJU International 2020 Feb; 125(2):322-332.

- Witthaus M, Saba P, D'Amico M, Campbell T, Melnyk R, Ghazi A, Munarriz R. " 034 Validation of a Full-Immersion Simulation Penile Prosthesis Model Using Three-dimensional Printing and Hydrogel Molding Technology." Journal of Sexual Medicine 2020 Jan; 17(1):S18.


Melnyk R, Ezzat B, Belfast E, Saba P, Farooq S, Campbell T. "Mechanical and functional validation of a perfused, robot-assisted partial nephrectomy simulation platform using a combination of 3D printing and hydrogel casting." World J Urol; 2019 Nov 2;

Kashyap R, Wu G, Melnyk R, Coppola E, Farooq S, Holler T. "Preoperative Simulation and Rehearsal of Robotic Living Donor Transplant Nephrectomy Using Patient Specific 3D Printed Hydrogel Models."  ASTS; 2019 Jun;

Weiss MY, Melnyk R, Mix D, Ghazi A, Vates GE, Stone JJ. "Design and Validation of a Cervical Laminectomy Simulator using 3D Printing and Hydrogel Phantoms." Operative neurosurgery.. 2019 Jun 3; Epub 2019 Jun 03.

Towner MN, Lozada-Capriles Y, LaLonde A, Ertefaie A, Stone J, Bhagavath B, Ghazi A. "Creation and Piloting of a Model for Simulating a Minimally Invasive Myomectomy." Cur?us. 2019 Mar 11; 11(3):e4223. Epub 2019 Mar 11.


Santangelo G, Mix D, Ghazi A, Stoner M, Vates GE, Stone JJ. "Development of a Whole-Task Simulator for Carotid Endarterectomy." Operative neurosurgery.. 2018 Jun 1; 14(6):697-704.

Ghazi A, Campbell T, Melnyk R, Feng C, Andrusco A, Stone J, Erturk E. "Validation of a Full-Immersion Simulation Platform for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Using Three-Dimensional Printing Technology." Journal of endourology. 2017 Dec; 31(12):1314-1320.

Ghazi A, Siebert A, Fazili A, Agrawal A, Feng C and Peyre S. "Medical student deliberate practice on a virtual- reality curriculum can achieve equivalency to senior urology resident real-time training". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e272.

Ghazi A, Stone JJ, Candela B, Richards M, Joseph J. "Simulated inanimate model for physical learning experience (SIMPLE) for robotic partial nephrectomy using a 3-D printed kidney model". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e778.

Ghazi A, Siebert A, Agrawal A, Feng C and Peyre S. "Accelerated skills acquisition protocol (asap): an effective time-efficient approach to virtual reality basic task simulation training". J Urol. 2015; 193, No. 4S, Supplement: e271.

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