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Cleaning: Methods & Cleansers

To clean the probe:

  1. After each use of the probe, use one of the recommended liquid saturated wipes to remove ultrasound transmission gel from the probe.
  2. Disconnect the probe from the mobile device.
  3. Wipe the probe, strain relief, cable, and connector with one of the recommended liquid saturated wipes for one (1) mintue and until visibly clean.
  4. Change the wipes as necessary and repeat the above step until the probe is visibly clean.
  5. To dry the probe, use a soft cloth, blot the lens dry. Do not wipe the lens. Dry the rest of the probe, cable, strain relief, and connector.
  6. Visually inspect the probe in a well-lit area to ensure all surfaces are clean. If the probe is not clean, repeat the cleaning steps above.
  7. Dispose of cleaning material in accordance with all applicable regulations.


Prevent any fluids from entering electrical or metal portions of the cable's connector during the cleaning and disinfecting process. Damage due to the fluid in these areas may result.

Prevent any fluid from splashing on your mobile device's touchscreen during scanning and during cleaning. Damage due to fluid may result.

Approved Cleaners

Compatible Cleaning and Disinfection Products