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Imaging Basics

To Optimize an Image Adjust:


Slide your finger up and down.


Slide your finger left and right.


It's important to select the correct preset for the area of the body you are scanning by selecting the Presets button in the bottom left corner of the scan screen.


Zoom in on the image by double tapping with your finger or pinching with your fingers.

How to Save/Capture an Image:

Cine Images

  • Use for all images unless you are measuring
  • Normal cine length = 6 seconds
  • Allows you to sweep the area of interest
  • Utilizing Cine sweeps are helpful during the QA process
  • Always Performed in two planes:
    • Longitudinal sweep from left to right
    • Transverse sweep from superior to inferior
  • Cine images can be obtained by hitting the video camera button Butterfly video camera button

Still Images

  • Utilized when measurements of a structure are desired
  • Still images can be obtained by hitting the snowflake button Butterfly snowflake button then
  • Hit the camera button to capture the image Butterfly camera button

**Always capture your area of interest in 2 planes: longitudinal and transverse**