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Probe Charging

Proper set up:

Butterfly probe charger

Best practice:

  • Upon receiving your probe, plug in and allow to charge overnight.
  • Battery life can be checked via the scan screen when actively using the probe or, when not imaging you can press the battery indicator button on the probe and lights will illuminate to show how much battery life remains. (Table 1)
  • Charge your probe at the end of each day if needed.
Table 1. Probe Battery Level Indicators
Light Pattern Approximate Battery Level
All 4 lights on 87.5% - 100%
3 lights on 67.5% - 87.4%
2 lights on 37.5% - 67.4%
1 light on 12.5% - 37.4%
1st light flashing < 12%

To check the probe battery level using the probe:

  1. Press the Battery Indicator Button to view the Battery Indicator Lights.
  2. If the first button flashes, it indicates that the probe battery charge is too low to perform the study.

To check the probe battery level using the Butterfly IQ App:

  • The probe battery status is displayed in the upper portion of the imagine screen.
  • If the battery charge is too low, you man not be able to perform a study until the battery is recharged. Keep the battery fully charged whenever possible.