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iPad Security


A device passcode prevents unauthorized users from accessing data stored on iPad or otherwise gaining access to the device. iPad allows you to select from an extensive set of passcode requirements to meet your security needs, including timeout periods, passcode strength, and how often the passcode must be changed. See Passcode Lock & Auto-Lock in Settings > General. Users with the URMC Profile installed can get assistance with remotely changing the passcode.


The iPad offers 256-bit AES encoding hardware-based encryption to protect all data on the device. By enabling a passcode, encryption is always enabled and cannot be disabled by users. Additionally, data backed up in iTunes to a user's computer can be encrypted. When an encrypted configuration profile is stored on the user's device, this capability is enforced automatically.

Remote Wipe

iPad supports remote wipe. If a device is lost or stolen, URMC IT Staff or device owners can issue a remote wipe command that removes all data and deactivates the device. If the device is configured with an Exchange account, SMD users can also initiate remote wipe commands directly using Outlook Web Access.

Local Wipe

Devices can also be configured to automatically initiate a local wipe after several failed passcode attempts. This is a key deterrent against brute force attempts to gain access to the device. See Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data.