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Saving Space on Your iPad

At some point,  you may run out space on your iPad. Not only is this annoying, but may present a barrier when updating your operating system. Below are several recommendations for saving space on your iPad.

  • Use your Box account to store iBooks, documents from other apps, and course related photos and videos. contact Bill Morrison to help set up your Box account.
    • iBooks

      • More and more courses at SMD are converting syllabi to an iBook format. While iBooks provide an interactive experience with richer content, they also take up a lot of room on your iPad.
      • When downloading iBooks from Blackboard, open them in Box first. From your Box app, open iBooks in the iBooks app. See the document Transfer iBook Files from Box to the iBooks App for instructions. You will now have a copy in Box and in iBooks.
      • At the end of the course, or when you need space, simply delete the iBook(s) from your iBook app. You will not lose any of your highlights or notes. The next time you open the iBook file in iBooks, iBooks recognizes the file and loads your annotations.
    • Keynote, Pages, Numbers and Notability

      • Use the Open-in feature within each app to place a copy of your documents in Box. Once you have copies in Box, delete files from your Keynote, Pages or Numbers app. Before deleting the files from Keynote, Pages and Numbers, take a look at them in the Box app to be sure they are not significantly altered or missing anything, such as images. If they are, redo the Open-in using a different file format. For example, if you chose Word from the "Open in Another App" box, re-open the document using Pages.
      • You can reopen documents in their respective apps from Box when you need to use them again.
    • Photos and Videos

      • These can be stored in Box as well. To do this, open your Box app, open the folder where the photos and/or videos are to be stored, tap Choose from Library (right hand side of the iPad screen), select the photos/videos, and tap Upload (lower right corner of pop-up window).
      • For personal photos and videos, consider creating a free online account with a company such as Flickr, Google Photos, or Photobucket.
  • Use iTunes Home Sharing to Play Music at home.

    • Music can take up quite a bit a space on your device. Instead of carrying your entire music library with you, keep a few of your favorite albums and songs on your iPad, and use Home Sharing for the rest of your music. Go to learn how to set up Home Sharing: Please be aware that Home Sharing does not work when using public Wi-Fi so make sure you're connected the the URMC Network.
  • Apps

    • Find out which apps take up the most space and delete ones you are not using. Settings → General → Usage → Manage Storage 

    • Apps can be deleted from this screen by tapping them and then tapping Delete App. 

    • Apps that require an Internet connection can be deleted and reinstalled without losing data. However, deleting other apps often deletes the data stored in them as well.
  • Delete iMessages 

    • Messages can take up a lot of space, especially if you send and/or receive a lot of videos and pictures.
  • Clear Safari Cache and Offline Reading List

    • Cache is beneficial if you visit the same sites over and over as it allows for quicker loading. However, cache can build up in size if you're a heavy user.
    • To clear cache, got to Settings → Safari and tap Clear Cookies and Data.
  • Delete Podcasts you no longer listen to.

    • Open your Podcasts app and tap the edit button.
    • If you subscribe to podcasts, adjust the settings on each podcast Open the Podcasts app, tap the list view icon (upper right corner) tap Settings to set how often the podcast is refreshed, to limit the number of episodes stored on your iPad, to choose to download only new episodes and all episodes, and to automatically delete episodes that have been played.
  • Download less mail. 

    • Settings → Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Select your email account and alter the Mail Days to Sync setting.

For additional help, please contact the Computing Center Help Desk.

For help with setting up your URMC Box account, please contact Bill Morrison.