Computing, Printing & Photocopying

Public Computing

The Williams Health Sciences Library maintains six public computers with access to the library's information resources, the Internet, and Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, and Power Point). There is one network "drop" location for laptop users.

Printing & Photocopying

The library's computers are connected to a multi-function printer/photocopier.

Wireless Network

Wireless Networks - There are 2 networks available in the library:

  • UR_MCguest - offers access to the UR_MCguest network for all patients, visitors, and vendors. From the Guest network, users will be able to access the internet.
  • UR_MCwireless - offers access to the UR_MCwireless network for all employees and contractors utilizing URMC-SH supported devices. On this network, you will be able to access:
    • URMC Email
    • Network Shared Drives
    • Internet
    • Intranet
    • Network Applications