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A vibrant faculty community is nurtured by our collegiality and collaboration with each other.  Please check out the following networking groups.

Strong and Highland Women In Internal Medicine (SHWIM)  

Women faculty within the DOM can participate in a faculty group through luncheons and other professional development activities held every 4 to 8 weeks. 

Networking and interchange across age, skill, and experience are helpful to all participants. A series of informal and formal (with invited discussants) sessions are held to address topics such as academic careers including promotion and tenure, developing mentoring relationships, networking at national meetings, writing academic papers, time and stress management.

These sessions have value in establishing a network of women who support each other both professionally and socially. Convening women faculty of different stages of life and interests provide new perspectives. 

See the SHWIM Session Calendar with links to past recordings.

URMC Affinity Groups

These groups at the URMC support inclusion and diversity among faculty, residents and fellow, students and staff.

Learn more about these groups at URMC.