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Administrative Skills and Leadership

Those in academics, like all physicians, are in leadership positions. These can range from leading an interprofessional team within a clinical practice, to something more formal such as leading a specific initiative or entire department or program. Developing these leadership skills within its faculty is crucial to the success of all departments of medicine.

Department of Medicine Leadership Development Seminar Series

We offer an annual 10-part monthly series on leadership development for physicians. This small group seminar-based series includes reflections, journaling and discussion  based on sentinel readings on leadership. At the monthly 1.5 hour meetings, participants will reflect and discuss these pre-assigned readings. In small groups, we will relate these readings to the participants’ relevant pre-existing leadership positions, including their common experience of being the leader of an inter-professional clinical team. The course culminates in the development and distribution of a 360 degree evaluation tool of their own leadership abilities.

Topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Grit
  • Leading vs Managing
  • Discovering your own leadership style
  • Implicit Bias
  • Delegation and Team Empowerment
  • Being an Effective Leader

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URMC Senior Leadership Education and Development Program (SLED)

The aim of this program is to develop senior leaders in academic medicine through evidence-based, collaborative learning and reflective practice, and to guide participants in being transformational leaders.

Read more about the Senior Leadership Education and Development Program.

Other Leadership Training Opportunities

Learn about opportunities for development of leadership skills at the following sites:

Please let us know if you find other programs so that we can update our resources!