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Faculty Development Calendar

The Department of Medicine is delighted to provide a variety of faculty development sessions designed to support the professional growth of our faculty.  If you are interested in attending any of these sessions please contact for details.  We look forward to seeing you!

All sessions are from 12-1 unless otherwise noted.

Presentation recordings linked below require UR NetID log in.

Date Series Topic Speaker
September 1 Educator Development Forum Setting Expectations Gracey
October 6 Career Development The Promotions Process Gracey
October 20 MedEd Works in Progress How to Write an Abstract: Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
November 3 Educator Development Forum Diagnosing the Struggling Learner Dhamoon
November 17 Mentoring Being a Mentor Medina-Walpole
December 1 Career Development Finding a National Professional Home Panel: Gillespie, Lang, Medina-Walpole, Robbins
January 5 Educator Development Forum Giving a Great Lecture Gigliotti
January 27 MedEd Works in Progress Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
February 2 Career Development Finding Your Academic Niche Panel: Casulo, Gigliotti, Monk, Moore, O'Connor
February 3
Mentoring The Goldilocks Syndrome of Mentoring: Too Much, Too Lilttle, or Just Right? Hammes
March 2 Educator Development Forum Setting Goals Miller
March 31
Mentoring Mentoring Teams Mohile, Loh, Magnuson
April 6 Career Development Resilience in Academics Mohile
April 27 MedEd Works in Progress Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
May 4 Educator Development Forum Inclusive Teaching Salib
June 1 Career Development Negotiation Robbins