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Faculty Development Calendar, 2021-2022

Listed below are the Department of Medicine faculty development session recordings from the academic year 2022-2023. Presentation links require UR NetID log in.

Date Series Topic Speaker
September 1 Educator Development Forum Setting Expectations Gracey
October 6 Career Development The Promotions Process Gracey
October 20 MedEd Works in Progress How to Write an Abstract: Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
November 3 Educator Development Forum Diagnosing the Struggling Learner Dhamoon
November 17 Mentoring Being a Mentor Medina-Walpole
December 1 Career Development Finding a National Professional Home Panel: Gillespie, Lang, Medina-Walpole, Robbins
January 5 Educator Development Forum Giving a Great Lecture Gigliotti
January 27 MedEd Works in Progress Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
February 2 Career Development Finding Your Academic Niche Panel: Casulo, Gigliotti, Monk, Moore, O'Connor
February 3
Mentoring The Goldilocks Syndrome of Mentoring: Too Much, Too Lilttle, or Just Right? Hammes
March 2 Educator Development Forum Setting Goals Miller
March 31
Mentoring Mentoring Teams Mohile, Loh, Magnuson
April 6 Career Development Resilience in Academics Mohile
April 27 MedEd Works in Progress Works in Progress Discussion Mooney
May 4 Educator Development Forum Inclusive Teaching Salib
June 1 Career Development Negotiation Robbins