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Diabetes Transition Care

Mrilyn F. Augustine, MDMarilyn F. Augustine, M.D.

Director, Diabetes Transition Clinic

The Endocrine Practice Group welcomes young adults, including those with special health care needs, to our practice. We aim to provide high quality, comprehensive and confidential health care to meet young adults’ unique needs.

We care for young adults, age 18 and older, who are ready to transition from pediatric endocrinology, including those who have moved to the Rochester area for school. We make every effort to coordinate the transfer of care with previous providers, including communicating with pediatric providers.

We understand that some young adults involve family and close friends in their health care decisions and would like their provider to share information with those close to them. Adult providers do not discuss any aspects of your care with anyone else unless you specifically ask that they do. A consent form is available at clinic so that you can designate others to be involved in health care decisions.

We look forward to working with our young adult patients to help them to achieve their health goals.