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Center For Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy

More and more GI procedures are being performed with an endoscope, that is, a thin flexible tube that allows physicians to see your GI tract and perform procedures in a minimally invasive fashion.

Through the Center for Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy, the URMC is providing our region with leading-edge endoscopic procedures, while helping to develop the most effective treatments of tomorrow.

  • The Center for Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy provides state-of-the-art treatments, some of which – like double balloon enteroscopy – are not available anywhere else in the area.
  • We perform more advanced endoscopic procedures than any other center in the area. Studies show that the centers which have the greatest volume for a procedure also tend to have the best outcomes.
  • Our center has the most highly trained physicians. Only two physicians in the area are fellowship trained in advanced endoscopy, and both are part of the Center for Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy.
  • We provide the most advanced technology. Highly specialized equipment allow us to provide our patients with an exceptional level of care.
  • We are a comprehensive treatment center. We offer any treatment you might require for diseases of the GI tract.

What should I expect?

While anxiety is common for any patient undergoing any procedure, endoscopy is one of the least invasive ones. Most patients have no recollection of the surgery afterwards, and feel little or no discomfort during recovery.

After you are sedated, the thin, flexible endoscope is passed down your esophagus (in the case of an upper endoscopy) so your doctor can see into your stomach and intestines. The endoscope will allow your doctor to see any abnormalities and perform surgery, if necessary.

Complications, such as a perforation, are extremely rare, and most patients return home a few hours after surgery.

For answers to more questions on endoscopic procedures, please call our office at (585) 275-4711.