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Conferences and Rounds

Palliative Care Program and the Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics monthly newsletter provides more details about the following Rounds.

Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

Wednesday, October 3rd – The INTERDISCIPLINARY CLINICAL ETHICS CONFERENCE. "Big Data, Ethics, and Medicine." Presented by Martin Zand, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Senior Dean for URMC Clinical Research. Noon - 1pm. K-307 (Rm. 3-6408), URMC. You are welcome to bring your lunch.

Friday, November 2nd – 6th ANNUAL PALLIATIVE CARE COLLABORATIVE OF ROCHESTER EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. This conference targets an inter-disciplinary audience of palliative care generalists and specialists from the Western New York Region to establish an annual venue for continuing professional education in the evolving science and practice of palliative care. See our brochure, additional program details and a link to online registration. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Announcing: This year, we will be having another poster session. If you have interesting projects or reports that would lend themselves to a poster, please submit a letter of intent by September 30 to Education Coordinator Gina Caquias at There will be prizes for the most outstanding submissions!
  • Medical Humanities Rounds – First Wednesday of the month
    This series of conferences features presentations by faculty and guest speakers that address issues in health care through the lens of humanities (including literature, history, philosophy, visual arts, music, religious and cultural studies, theater and dance). For further information, contact Mary Fisher, (585) 275-6435.
  • Clinical Ethics Rounds – Second Friday of the month.
    These rounds focus on ethical issues and dilemmas in medicine. For further information, contact Mary Fisher, (585) 275-6435.
  • Schwartz Center Rounds – Third Wednesday of the month
    The Schwartz Center Rounds are a multidisciplinary forum where caregivers discuss important emotional and social issues that arise in caring for seriously ill patients. This forum focuses specifically on bringing together providers from different disciplines (medicine, nursing, chaplaincy, social work, etc.) as well as from different services (intensive care, cardiology, neonatology, etc.) to explore those complicated or unusual cases where a team approach to care and communication are essential. Unlike grand rounds, these conferences are not about clinical problem-solving, but rather about exploring and processing the emotions that come up in the daily work of hospital staff. Participants are encouraged to engage in an interactive discussion about the issues presented and share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. For further information, contact Gina Caquias at (585) 275-7987. For more information about Schwartz Center Rounds in other hospitals, visit
  • Palliative Care Conference – Fourth Wednesday of the month
    This series of conferences meets monthly to consider topics relevant to palliative care and its mission to provide comprehensive care to seriously ill patients and their families. The domains considered include: Managing pain or other symptoms; clarifying and articulating goals of care; offering patient and family support; and when needed, assistance with making end-of-life decisions. For further information, contact Gina Caquias at (585) 275-7987.