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Our Team

We are an experienced team of specially trained physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, chaplains, counselors, pain specialists and pediatricians. We will work with your doctor to provide the best possible care.

Clinical Faculty Nurse Practitioners Fellows Inpatient Team Outpatient Team Division Team Interdisciplinary Team Research and QI Hospice Environmental Services

Our Clinical Faculty

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Nurse Practitioners

Judy Brustein, NP, MSNJudy Brustein, NP, MS
Lauren Clark, NPLauren Clark, NP
Lauren Curran, NPLauren Curran, NP
Christy Dillon, NPChristy Dillon, NP
Brittany Duheme, NPBrittany Duheme, NP
Juliana Furino, NPJuliana Furino, NP
Lorraine Kirchhoff, NPLorraine Kirchhoff, NP
Ann Leitten, NPAnne Leitten, MS, RN, ANP-BC
Jessica Luciano, NPJessica Luciano, NP
Lead APP
Ann Quinn, NPAnn Quinn, NP
Tatum Reyn, NPTatum Reyn, NP
Elaine Townsend, NPElaine Townsend, NP

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Our Fellows

Tala Altaji, MDTala Altaji, MD
Richard Rambuss, MDRichard Rambuss, MD
James Leibow, MDJames Leibow, MD
Jennifer Saigal, MDJennifer Saigal, MD

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Inpatient Team

Inpatient RNs & LPNs

Megan B., RNMegan B., RN
Geraldine Calandra, RNGeraldine C., RN
Laura S. Callens, RNLaura C., RN
Melanie C., RNMelanie C., RN
Sarah C., RNSarah C., RN
Jill L. DeMarco, RN
Jill D., RN
Christie D., RNChristie D., RN
Assistant Nurse Manager
Michele D. GulleyMichele G., RN
Christie A. Drury, RNChrista K., RN
Malissa Lawrence, RNMalissa L., RN
Nurse Manager
Debra S. Lillie, LPNDebra L., LPN
Melissa M., RNMelissa M., RN
Vinh (Aaron) N., RNVinh (Aaron) N., RN
Jordan O., RNJordan O., RN
Christopher P., RNChristopher P., RN
Jordan P., RNJordan P., RN
Emily R., RNEmily R., RN
Suzanne R., RNSuzanne R., RN
Crystal S., RNCrystal S., RN
Sarah S., RNSarah S., RN
Alexis V., RNAlexis V., RN
Cristy V., RNCristy V., RN
Samantha V., RNSamantha V., RN
Sarah L. Vossler, RNSarah V., RN
Grace W., RNGrace W., RN

Inpatient Patient Care Techs

Tiffany B.Tiffany B.
Susan J. HefferSusan H.
Dominique D. JamesDominique J.
Naquetta E.Naquetta E.
Brittany J.Brittany J.
Jean Paul KimararunguJean Paul K.
Danny LawhornDanny L.
Imani W.Imani W.

Inpatient Unit Secretaries

JaQuanna BarnwellJaQuanna B.

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Outpatient Team

Outpatient RNs

Leslie B., RNLeslie B., RN
Colleen H., RNColleen H., RN
Carolyn R., RNCarolyn R., RN

Outpatient Secretaries

Taysha B.Taysha B.
Jess DeFehrJess D.
Physician Support Specialist
Angela P.Angela P.
Outpatient Access Specialist
Karenda H.Karenda H.
Physician Support Specialist

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Division Team

Erik Olsen, MSErik Olsen, MS
Chazet WebbChazet Webb
Division Coordinator
Gina CacquiasGina Zinn
Education Coordinator
Jennifer MajchrzakJennifer Majchrzak
Fellowship Administrator

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Interdisciplinary Team

Sara B.Sara B.
Massage Therapist
Pattie B.Patti Blaine
Pediatric Chaplain
Melissa C.Melissa C., LMSW
Social Worker
Karin C.Karin C.
Massage Therapist
Sandy GianninySandy G.
Kate J.Kate J., PharmD
Patricia Mallaber, NPPatricia Mallaber, NP
Smoking Cessation Specialist
Whitney R.Whitney Read, LCSW-R
Social Worker
Theresa S.Teresa S., MA, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
Sharon W.Sharon W.
Bereavement Coordinator

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Research and QI

Research Collaborators

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Jessica Episcopo, PA-CJessica Episcopo, RN
Hospice Evaluator
Marianne GockerMarianne Gocker
Julianne GroffJulianne Groff, MSW
Hospice Social Worker
Lisa KillianLisa Killian, RN
Hospice Evaluator

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Environmental Services

Dietri JohnsonDietri J.
Padma K.Padma K.
Geraldine M.Geraldine M.

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