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Additional Journal Club Articles

Stem Cells in Musculoskeletal Biology

January 21, 2021 - A Wnt-mediated transformation of the bone marrow stromal cell identity orchestrates skeletal regeneration

January 7, 2021 - Identification of the skeletal progenitor cells forming osteophytes in osteoarthritis

December 10, 2020 - Asymmetrically Segregated Mitochondria Provide Cellular Memory of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Replicative History and Drive HSC Attrition

November 12, 2020 - Autophagy receptor OPTN (optineurin) regulates mesenchymal stem cell fate and bone-fat balance during aging by clearing FABP3

October 29, 2020 - Gli1+ Periodontium Stem Cells Are Regulated by Osteocytes and Occlusal Force

October 15, 2020 - Insulin signaling requires glucose to promote lipid anabolism in adipocytes

October 1, 2020 - Histone Acetyltransferase MOF Blocks Acquisition of Quiescence in Ground-State ESCs through Activating Fatty Acid Oxidation

September 17, 2020 - Lipid availability determines fate of skeletal progenitor cells via SOX9;

September 3, 2020 - Transforming Growth Factor β-Activated Kinase 1 Regulates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation Through Stabilization of Yap1/Taz Proteins

August 20, 2020 - Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and stem cell factor (SCF) maintained the stemness of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hBMSCs) during long-term expansion by preserving mitochondrial function via the PI3K/AKT, ERK1/2, and STAT3 signaling pathways

August 6, 2020 - Osteocyte-derived exosomes induced by mechanical strain promote human periodontal ligament stem cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation via the miR-181b-5p/PTEN/AKT signaling pathway

July 23, 2020 - Methylation and PTEN activation in dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells promotes osteogenesis and reduces oncogenesis

July 2, 2020 - Dexamethasone Promotes Mesenchymal Stem Cell Apoptosis and Inhibits Osteogenesis by Disrupting Mitochondrial Dynamics

June 25, 2020 - PKM2 suppresses osteogenesis and facilitates adipogenesis by regulating β-catenin signaling and mitochondrial fusion and fission

June 11, 2020 - ROS-mediated PI3K activation drives mitochondrial transfer from stromal cells to hematopoietic stem cells in response to infection

May 28, 2020 - Notch signaling drives synovial fibroblast identity and arthritis pathology

May 14, 2020 - Diet-Induced Metabolic Dysregulation in Female Mice Causes Osteopenia in Adult Offspring

April 30, 2020 - Adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR) stimulation enhances mitochondrial metabolism and mitigates reactive oxygen species-mediated mitochondrial injury

April 16, 2020 - NIPA2 regulates osteoblast function by modulating mitophagy in type 2 diabetes osteoporosis

April 2, 2020 - Perivascular osteoprogenitors are associated with transcortical channels of long bones​

February 6, 2020 - Cell Clustering Promotes a Metabolic Switch that Supports Metastatic Colonization​

January 30, 2020 - A Compendium of Genetic Modifiers of Mitochondrial Dysfunction Reveals Intra-organelle Buffering​

January 9, 2020 - Glutamine Links Obesity to Inflammation in Human White Adipose Tissue

December 19, 2019 - Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Fields Increase Peak Bone Mass in Rats by Activating Wnt10b/β-Catenin in Primary Cilia of Osteoblasts

December 12, 2019 - "Epigenetic Control of Mitochondrial Fission Enables Self-Renewal of Stem-like Tumor Cells in Human Prostate Cancer"

November 14, 2019 - "Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Directs Stem Cell Polarity via Regulation of Mitofusin"

October 31, 2019 - "Molecular architecture of lineage allocation and tissue organization in early mouse embryo"

October 17, 2019 - "Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes ameliorate intervertebral disc degeneration via anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects"

October 10, 2019 - "Mediation of the Acute Stress Response by the Skeleton"

September 5, 2019 - "17β-Estradiol Directly Lowers Mitochondrial Membrane Microviscosity and Improves Bioenergetic Function in Skeletal Muscle"

August 22, 2019 - "Single-Cell Proteomics Reveal that Quantitative Changes in Co-expressed Lineage-Specific Transcription Factors Determine Cell Fate"

August 8, 2019 - "Transcriptional profiling of intramembranous and endochondral ossification after fracture in mice"

July 25, 2019 - "Stress-Induced Changes in Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Populations Revealed through Single-Cell Protein Expression Mapping"

July 11, 2019 - "The bone marrow microenvironment at single-cell resolution"

June 27, 2019 - "Cyclophilin D extramitochondrial signaling controls cell cycle progression and chemokine-directed cell motility"

June 13, 2019 - "The extracellular domain of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) enhances multipotency of mesenchymal stem cells through EGFR–LIN28–LET7 signaling"

May 23, 2019 "L-Carnitine Reduces Oxidative Stress and Promotes Cells Differentiation and Bone Matrix Proteins Expression in Human Osteoblast-Like Cells"

May 2, 2019 - "Changes in characteristics of periodontal ligament stem cells in spheroid culture"

April 18, 2019 "Curcumin pretreatment protects against hypoxia/reoxgenation injury via improvement of mitochondrial function, destabilization of HIF-1α and activation of Epac1-Akt pathway in rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells​"

April 4, 2019 - "A radical switch in clonality reveals a stem cell niche in the epiphyseal growth plate"

March 28, 2019 - "Glutamine Metabolism Regulates Proliferation and Lineage Allocation in Skeletal Stem Cells"

March 7, 2019 - "Periarticuar mesenchymal progenitors initiate and contribute to secondary ossification center formation during mouse long bone development"

February 21, 2019 "A Novel Single Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulates Osteogenesis of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Bone Repair​"

February 7, 2019 - "Gain Fat—Lose Metastasis: Converting Invasive Breast Cancer Cells into Adipocytes Inhibits Cancer Metastasis"

January 24, 2019 - "Mesenchymal Stem Cells Shift Mitochondrial Dynamics and Enhance Oxidative Phosphorylation in Recipient Cells"

January 10, 2019 - "Simvastatin alleviates bone resorption in apical periodontitis possibly by inhibition of​ mitophagy-related osteoblast apoptosis"

December 13, 2018 - "Glucose metabolism induced by Bmp signaling is essential for murine skeletal development"

November 29, 2018 "Human tissue-specific MSCs demonstrate differential mitochondria transfer abilities that may determine their regenerative abilities​"

November 15, 2018 - "Notch signaling suppresses glucose metabolism in mesenchymal progenitors to restrict osteoblast differentiation​"

November 1, 2018 - "Cyclophilin D deficiency attenuates mitochondrial F1Fo ATP synthase dysfunction via OSCP in Alzheimer's disease"

October 18, 2018 - "A dual role of cholesterol in osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells"

October 4, 2018 - "Identification of the Human Skeletal Stem Cell"

September 20, 2018 - "Short-Term Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Opening Modulates Histone Lysine Methylation at the Early Phase of Somatic Cell Reprogramming"

August 23, 2018 - "Deletion of the Transcription Factor PGC-1α in Mice Negatively Regulates Bone Mass" View in Calcified Tissue International

August 9, 2018 - "The YAP/TAZ transcriptional co-activators have opposing effects at different stages of osteoblast differentiation" View in Science Direct

July 26, 2018 - "PGC-1a Controls Skeletal Stem Cell Fate and Bone-Fat Balance in Osteoporosis and Skeletal Aging by Inducing TAZ" View in Cell

July 12, 2018 - "Understanding metabolic changes in aging bone marrow"

June 28, 2018 - "Rewiring of Glutamine Metabolism Is a Bioenergetic Adaptation of Human Cells with Mitochondrial DNA Mutations"

June 14, 2018 - "Quiescence of human muscle stem cells is favored by culture on natural biopolymeric films"

May 31, 2018 - "Chromatin dynamics regulate mesenchymal stem cell lineage specification and differentiation to osteogenesis" View in Science Direct

May 17, 2018 - "Dok-3 and Dok-1/-2 adaptors play distinctive roles in cell fusion and proliferation during osteoclastogenesis and cooperatively protect mice from osteopenia" View in Science Direct

May 3, 2018 - "Tyrosine kinase Fyn promotes osteoarthritis by activating the β-catenin pathway" View in British Medical Journals 

April 19, 2018 - "Mitochondrial Dysfunction Is an Acute Response of Articular Chondrocytes to Mechanical Injury" View in Journal of Orthopaedic Research

April 5, 2018 - "Vhl deletion in osteoblasts boosts cellular glycolysis and improves global glucose metabolism" View in The Journal of Clinical Investigation

March 22, 2018 - "Epigenetic inhibition of Wnt pathway suppresses osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs during osteoporosis" View in Nature

February 22, 2018 - "Gpr177, a Novel Locus for Bone Mineral Density and Osteoporosis, Regulates Osteogenesis and Chondrogenesis in Skeletal Development" View in PubMed

February 8, 2018 - "Transcriptional Profiling of Quiescent Muscle Stem Cells In Vivo" View in Cell

January 11, 2018 - "Regulatory elements driving the expression of skeletal lineage reporters differ during bone development and adulthood" View article in The Bone Journal

January 25, 2018 - "Ontogenic Identification and Analysis of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Populations during Mouse Limb and Long Bone Development" View article in PubMed

December 14, 2017 - "Exposure to a youthful circulation rejuvenates bone repair through modulation of b-catenin"

November 30, 2017 - "Bone Regulates Browning and Energy Metabolism Through Mature Osteoblast/Osteocyte PPARγ Expression" View article in Diabetes Journal

October 16, 2017 - "Osteogenic Factor Runx2 Marks a Subset of Leptin Receptor-Positive Cells that Sit Atop the Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Hierarchy" View article in Nature

September 21, 2017 - "Heypothalamic stem cells control ageing speed partly through exosomal miRNAs" View article in Nature

August 24, 2017 - "Correction of a pathogenic gene mutation in human embryos" View article in Nature

August 10, 2017 - "Modulation of oxidative phosphorylation and redox homeostasis in mitochondrial NDUFS4 deficiency via mesenchymal stem cells" View article in Stem Cell Research & Therapy

July 13, 2017 - "Recruited Monocytes and Type 2 Immunity Promote Lung Regeneration following Pneumonectomy" View article in Cell

June 29, 2017 - "Postnatal Calvarial Skeletal Stem Cells Expressing PRX1 Reside Exclusively in the Calvarial Sutures and Are Required for Bone Regeneration" View article in PubMed

June 15, 2017 - "Leptin-receptor-expressing bone marrow stromal cells are myofibroblasts in primary myelofibrosis" View article in Nature

May 4, 2017 - "MicroRNA-21 preserves the fibrotic mechanical memory of mesenchymal stem cells" View article in Nature

April 20, 2017 - "Adipocyte Accumulation in Bone Marrow during Obesity and Aging Impairs Stem Cell-Based Hematopoietic and Bone Regeneration" View article in Science Direct

March 30, 2017 - "Tumor-homing cytotoxic human induced neural stem cells for cancer therapy" View article

March 2, 2017 - " Pericytes of Multiple Organs Do Not Behave as Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vivo" View article in Cell Stem Cell

February 16, 2017 - "Parathyroid Hormone Directs Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Cell Fate" View article in Science Direct

February 2, 2017 - "Wnt/β-catenin signaling in osteoblasts regulates global energy metabolism" View article in Science Direct

January 17, 2017 - "Oxidative status predicts quality in human mesenchymal stem cells" View article in BioMed Central 

November 10, 2016 - "The Effects of Aging and Sex Steroid Deficiency on the Murine Skeleton Are independent and Mechanistically Distinct" View article in PubMed

October 27, 2016 - "Lipid Biosynthesis Coordinates a Mitochondrial-to-Cytosolic Stress Response" View article in Cell

October 13, 2016 - "Cancer cells enter dormancy after cannibalizing mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs)" View article here

September 29, 2016 - "NAD+ repletion improves mitochondrial and stem cell function and enhances life span in mice" View article in Science

August 25, 2016 - "Transcriptome sequencing wide functional analysis of human mesenchymal stem cells in response to TLR4 ligand" View article in Nature

August 11, 2016 - "Repurposing atovaquone: Targeting mitochondrial complex III and OXPHOS to eradicate cancer stem cells" View article in PubMed

July 28, 2016 - "Asymmetric division of clonal muscle stem cells coordinates muscle regeneration in vivo" View article in PubMed

July 14, 2016 - "No Identical "Mesenchymal Stem Cells" at Different Times and Sites: Human Committed Progenitors of Distinct Origin and Differentiation Potential Are Incorporated as Adventitial Cells in Microvessels" View article in Cell

June 2, 2016 - "Mitochondrial Dynamics Impacts Stem Cell Identity and Fate Decisions by Regulating a Nuclear Transcriptional Program" View article in Science Direct

May 5, 2016 -  "Mitotic History reveals distinct stem cell populations and their contributions to hematopoiesis"

April 7, 2016 - "Matrix elasticity of void-forming hydrogels controls transplanted-stem-cell-mediated bone formation" View article in PubMed

March 10, 2016 - "Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence by Suv4-20h1-Dependent Facultative Heterochromatin Formation" View article in Science Direct

February 25, 2016 - "A predictive computational framework for direct reprogramming between human cell types" View article in Nature

February 11, 2016 - "Distinct EMT programs control normal mammary stem cells and tumor-initiating cells" View article in PubMed

January 28, 2016 - "Direct measurement of local oxygen concentration in the bone marrow of live animals" View article in PubMed

December 3, 2015 - "Mesenchymal stem cells use extracellular vesicles to outsource mitophagy and shuttle microRNAs" View article in PubMed

November 19, 2015 - "Multiparameter Analysis of Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Identifies Distinct Immunomodulatory and Differentiation-Competent Subtypes" View article in PubMed

November 5, 2015 - "Aging stem cells. A Werner syndrome stem cell model unveils heterochromatin alterations as a driver of human aging" View article in PubMed

September 10, 2015 - "CD49f Acts as an Inflammation Sensor to Regulate Differentiation, Adhesion, and Migration of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells" View article in PubMed

August 27, 2015 - "Stem cells. Asymmetric apportioning of aged mitochondria between daughter cells is required for stemness" View article in PubMed

August 13, 2015 - "Establishing criteria for human mensenchymal stem cell potency" View article in PubMed

July 30, 2015 - "Glucose Uptake and Runx2 Synergize to Orchestrate Osteoblast Differentiation and Bone Formation" View article in PubMed

June 25, 2015 - "Systemic infusion of mesenchymal stem cells improves cell-based bone regeneration via upregulation of regulatory T cells" View article in PubMed

June 4, 2015 - "ERRs Mediate a Metabolic Switch Required for Somatic Cell Reprogramming to Pluripotency" View article in PubMed

May 7, 2015 - "Establishment of bone marrow and hematopoietic niches in vivo by reversion of chondrocyte differentiation of human b one marrow stromal cells" View article in PubMed

April 23, 2015 - "Identification and specification of the mouse skeletal stem cell" View article in PubMed

April 9, 2015 - "In Vivo therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells depends on the source and the isolation procedure" View article in PubMed

March 12, 2015 - "DNA methyltransferase 3a regulates osteoclast differentiation by coupling to an S-adenosylmethionine-producing metabolic pathway" View article in PubMed

February 26, 2015 - "Gremlin 1 identifies a skeletal stem cell with bone, cartilage and reticular stromal potential" View article in PubMed

February 12, 2015 - "The NAD-dependent deacetylase SIRT2 is required for programmed necrosis" View article in PubMed

Osteoarthritis, Fracture Healing and the Impact of Diabetes on the Skeleton

February 8, 2018 - "Germinal Center B Cells Are Essential for Collagen - Induced Arthritis"

January 24, 2018 - "Nanoindentation modulus of murine cartilage: a sensitive indicator of the initiation and progression of post-traumatic osteoarthritis"

January 11, 2018 - "Inflammatory cytokines stabilize SOXC transcription factors to mediate the transformation of fibroblast - like synoviocytes in arthritic disease"

January 4, 2018 - "Direct measurement of TRPV4 and PIEZO1 activity reveals multiple mechanotransduction pathways in chondrocytes"

November 30, 2017 - "Intermittent Fasting Promotes Wite Adipose Browning and Decreases Obesity by Shaping the Gut Microbiota"

November 9, 2017 - "Effects of local delivery of BMP2, zoledronate and their combination on bone microarchitecture, biomechanics and bone turnover in osteoporotic rabbits"

November 2, 2017 - "Treatment of inflammatory arthritis via targeting of tristetraprolin, a master regulator of pro-inflammatory gene expression"

October 26, 2017 - "Regional Differences Between Perisynovial and Infrapatellar Adipose Tissue Depots and Their Response to Class II and Class III Obesity in Patients with Osteoarthritis." View article in PubMed

August 31, 2017 - "Knee osteoarthritis has doubled in prevalence since the mid-20th century." View article in PubMed

August 17, 2017- "Cell origin, volume and arrangement are drivers of articular cartilage formation, morphogenesis and response to injury in mouse limbs" View article in PubMed

August 10,2017 - "Mechanoresponsive stem cells to target cancer metastases through biophysical cues" View article in PubMed

August 3, 2017 - "Impact Insertion of Osteochondral Grafts: Interference Fit and Central Graft Reduction Affect Biomechanics and Cartilage Damage" View article in PubMed

July 20, 2017 - "Resolution of inflammation by interleukin-9-producing type 2 innate lymphoid cells" View article in PubMed

July 13, 2017 - "Osteocyte-specific WNT1 regulates osteoblast function during bone homeostasis" View article in PubMed

June 29, 2017 - "Beyond Sequencing: Population Analysis in an Era of Mass Spe" View webinar

June 22, 2017 - "FOXP1 controls mesenchymal stem cell commitment and senescence during skeletal aging." View article in PubMed

June 15, 2017 - "Joint morphogenetic cells in the adult mammalian synovium" View article in PubMed

June 8, 2017 - "Long-term effects of bisphosphonate therapy: perforations, microcracks and mechanical properties" View article in Nature

June 1, 2017 - "Metformin alters the gut microbiome of individuals with treatment-naive type 2 diabetes, contributing to the therapeutic effects of the drug." View article in PubMed

May 11, 2017 - "Exogenous fibroblast growth factor 9 attenuates cartilage degradation and aggravates osteophyte formation in post-traumatic osteoarthritis" View article in PubMed

May 4, 2017 - "Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis in Mice Following Mechanical Injury to the Synovial Joint" View article in PubMed

April 27, 2017 - "Differences in sensitivity to microstructure between cyclic - and impact-based microindentation of the human cortical bone." View article in PubMed

March 30, 2017 - "Superficial cells are self-renewing chondrocyte progenitors, which form the articular cartilage in juvenile mice." View article in PubMed

March 9, 2017 - "Gut Microbiota Regulate Motor Deficits and Neuroinflammation in a Model of Parkinson's Disease" View article in PubMed

February 16, 2017 - "Assessment of collagen quality associated with non-enzymatic cross-links in human bone using Fourier-transform infrared imagining" View article in PubMed

February 9, 2017 - "Linking the Human Gut Microbiome to Inflammatory Cytokine Production Capacity" View article in PubMed

February 2, 2017 - "Increased DNA Methylation and Reduced Expression of Transcription Factors in Human Osteoarthritis Cartilage" View article in Arthritis & Rheumatology

January 19, 2017 - "Biphasic regulation of chondrocytes by Rela through induction of anti-apoptotic and catabolic target genes." View article in PubMed

January 5, 2017 - "Early, focal changes in cartilage cellularity and structure following surgically induced meniscal destabilization in the mouse." View article in PubMed

December 15, 2016 - "Exploiting endogenous fibrocartilage stem cells to regenerate cartilage and repair joint injury" View article here

October 6, 2016 - "Hyperelastic "bone": A highly, versatile, growth factor-free, osteogenerative, scalable, and surgically friendly biomaterial" View article here

September 8, 2016 - "Increased DNA Methylation and Reduced Expression of Transcription Factors in Human Osteoarthritis Cartilage"  View article here

September 1,2016 - "Defining the consequences of genetic variation on a proteome-wide scale" View article in PubMed

August 25, 2016 - "Interaction of HIF1α and β-catenin inhibits matrix metalloproteinase 13 expression and prevents cartilage damage in mice" View article here

August 18, 2016 - "Peptide - siRNA nanocomplexes targeting NF - kB subunit p65 suppress nascent experimental arthritis" View article in JCI

August 11,2016 - "Induced superficial chondrocyte death reduces catabolic cartilage damage in murine posttraumatic osteoarthritis" View article in JCI

August 4,2016 - "Genome-wide associate study in East Asians suggests UHMK1 as a novel bone mineral density susceptibility gene" View article in Science Direct

July 28, 2016 - "Reduction of friction by recombinant human proteoglycan 4 in IL-1α stimulated bovine cartilage explantsView article in Pubmed

July 21, 2016 - "Notch signaling indirectly promotes chondrocyte hypertrophy via regulation of BMP signaling and cell cycle arrest" View pdf article here

July 14, 2016 - "Network Analysis Implicates Alpha-Synuclein (Snca) in the Regulation of Ovariectomy-Induced Bone Loss" View article in PubMed

July 7, 2016 - "Protein related to DAN and cerberus (PRDC) inhibits osteoblastic differentiation and its suppression promotes osteogenesis in vitro." View article in PubMed

June 30, 2016 - "CCL20/CCR6 Signaling Regulates Bone Mass Accrual in Mice" View pdf article here

June 23, 2016 - "Sepsis- Induced Osteoblast Ablation Causes Immunodeficiency"

June 2, 2016 - "Bone marrow lesions detected by specific combination of MRI sequences are associated with severity of osteochondral degeneration" View article in PubMed

May 26, 2016 - "A predictive computational framework for direct reprogramming between human cell types." View article in PubMed

May 12, 2016 - "Hedgehog inhibits β-catenin activity in synovial joint development and osteoarthritis." View article in PubMed

May 5, 2016 - "NOTCH signaling in skeletal progenitors is critical for fracture repair." View article in PubMed

April 28, 2016 - "Sex steroid deficiency-associated bone loss in microbiota dependent and prevented by probiotics." View article in PubMed

April 21, 2016 - "Inhibition of Notch1 promotes hedgehog signalling in a HES1-dependent manner in chondrocytes and exacerbates experimental osteoarthritis" View article in PubMed

February 25, 2016 - "Charge based intra-cartilage delivery of single dose dexamethasone using Avidin nano-carriers suppresses cytokine-induced catabolism long term" View article in PubMed

February 11, 2016 - "Lubricin/Proteoglycan 4 binds to and regulates the activity of Toll-Like Receptors In Vitro" View article in PubMed

February 4, 2016 - "Fibrin accumulation secondary to loss of plasmin-mediated fibrinolysis drives inflammatory osteoporosis in mice" View article in PubMed 

January 28, 2016 - "Vitamin D prevents articular cartilage erosion by regulating collagen II turnover through TGF-B1 in ovariectomized rats" View article in PubMed

December 17, 2015 - "Bicc1 is a genetic determinant of osteoblastogenesis and bone mineral density" View article in PubMed

December 10, 2015 - "The alarmins S100A8/A9 induce canonical Wnt signaling in murine knee joints; implications for osteoarthritis" View article in PubMed 

October 22, 2015 - "Chronic superantigen exposure induces systemic inflammation, elevated bloodstream endotoxin and abnormal glucose tolerance in rabbits: possible role in diabetes" View article in PubMed

October 15, 2015 - "Whole-genome sequencing identifies EN1 as a determinant of bone density and fracture" View article in PubMed

October 1, 2015 - " Osteoclast TGF-β Receptor Signaling Induces Wnt1 Secretion and Couples Bone Resorption to Bone Formation" View article in PubMed 

September 24, 2015 - "Myostatin is a direct regulator of osteoclast differentiation and its inhibition reduces inflammatory joint destruction in mice" View article in PubMed

September 17, 2015 - "Macrophages promote osteoblastic differentiation in-vivo: implications in fracture repair and bone homeostasis" View article in PubMed

September 10, 2015 - "Intermittent Parathryoid Hormone Enhances Cancellous Osseointegration of a Novel Murine tibial Implant" View article in PubMed

September 3, 2015 - "Intermittent PTHrP (1-34) exposure augments chondrogenesis and reduces hypertrophy of mesenchymal stromal cells" View article in PubMed

August 27, 2015 - "PTH [1-34]-induced alterations of the subchondral bone provoke early osteoarthritis" View article in PubMed

August 20, 2015 - "Fibrinolysis is essential for fracture repair and prevention of heterotopic ossification" View article in PubMed

July 30, 2015 - "The oral and gut microbiomes are perturbed in rheumatoid arthritis and partly normalized after treatment" View article in PubMed

July 23, 2015 - "IKKB in postnatal perichondrium remotely controls endochondral ossification of the growth plate through downregulation of MCP-5" View article in PubMed

July 16, 2015 - "Local proliferation of macrophages contributes to obesity-associated adipose tissue inflammation" View article in PubMed

June 4, 2015 - "Response of knee fibrocartilage to joint destabilization" View article in PubMed

May 28, 2015 - "Mucosal-associated invariant T cell alterations in obese and type 2 diabetic patients" View article in PubMed

May 19, 2015 - "Ex vivo non-invasive assessment of cell viability and proliferation in bio-engineered whole organ constructs" View article in PubMed

April 2, 2015 - "Incorporation of therapeutically modified bacteria into gut microbiota inhibits obesity" View article in PubMed

March 19, 2015 - "Airflow accelerates bovine and human articular cartilage drying and chondrocyte death" View article in PubMed

February 5, 2015 - "PDGF-BB secreted by preosteoclasts induces angiogenesis during coupling with osteogenesis" View article in PubMed

December 4, 2014 - "Rapid, automated imaging of mouse articular cartilage by microCT for early detection of osteoarthritis and finite element modelling of joint mechanics" View article in PubMed

November 20, 2014 (Plato Schwartz Library) - "Effects of CD14 Macrophages and Proinflammatory Cytokines on Chondrogenesis in Osteoarthritic Synovium-Derived Stem Cells" View article in PubMed

November 13, 2014 (Plato Schwartz Library) - "Inhibition of TGF-B signaling in mesenchymal stem cells of subchondral bone attenuates osteoarthritis" View article in PubMed

October 23, 2014 - "Subchondral bone influences chondrogenic differentiation and collagen production of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and articular chondrocytes" View article in PubMed