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Visiting Speaker Series

The William F. Neuman Visiting Speaker Series is a regularly occurring seminar where world renowned musculoskeletal researchers from other universities, research institutes, and industry are invited to present their most recent and novel data. These scientists not only provide important insights into basic mechanisms of musculoskeletal development, maintenance, regeneration, and repair, but also provide our trainees with the opportunity to interact directly with leaders throughout the basic, translational, and clinical arenas of musculoskeletal research. This speaker series is supported by our NIH T32 Training Grant (T32AR076950).

Table of invited speakers, hosts, locations, times, and dates.
Invited Speakers/Host Location/Time Date
Denitsa Docheva, PhD Zoom Webinar
February 24, 2021
Joel D. Boerckel, PhD Zoom Webinar 
February 10, 2021
Roger Cornwall, MD Zoom Webinar 
January 6, 2021
Kevin Wei, MD, PhD Zoom Webinar
December 2, 2020
Antonio Manzo, MD, PhD Zoom Webinar
October 8, 2020
Fackson Mwale, PhD Zoom Webinar
September 16, 2020
Ling Qin, PhD Zoom Webinar
September 2, 2020
Takamitsu Maruyama, PhD Adolph Auditorium (1-7619)
January 29, 2020


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