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Thoracic Pathology

Thoracic Pathology

The Thoracic Pathology subspecialty examines biopsy and surgical resection specimens of the lung, pleura, and mediastinum.

Our tumor volume includes lung carcinomas (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, neuroendocrine carcinomas and metastatic tumors to the lung), non-neoplastic interstitial lung disease, pleural lesions including malignant mesothelioma and mediastinal lesions that include thymoma and sarcoidosis.

Our Molecular Diagnostics and Cytogenetics laboratories analyze tumors for gene mutations from lung carcinomas, such as EGFR, ALK, and ROS-1 for targeted and personalized therapy. IHC testing for PDL-1 is also offered. 

We work closely with our multidisciplinary UR Medicine thoracic oncology team including surgeons, pulmonologists, radiologists, and oncologists to discuss and decide the most effective patient management and care.

Thoracic Pathologists

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