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Pediatrics / Cardiology Fellowship / Program Details

Program Details

Consulting with patient

The general approach is one of apprenticeship. The intention of the program is to provide a structured approach to training in which fellows are given increasing responsibility commensurate with their ability. The primary responsibility for patient care gradually shifts to fellows as they gain more experience. This gradual increase in responsibility is supervised by the attending cardiologists who work directly with the fellow on the clinical services.

  • The first year of training consists primarily of clinical training, while introducing experience in research. The objective is to develop a fund of knowledge and the clinical skills necessary to practice state-of-the-art Pediatric Cardiology.
  • The second year of training continues clinical training while expanding the research experience. This involves the learning of principles of designing clinical studies or laboratory experiments and gaining familiarity with a variety of experimental methods.
  • The third year of training allows further time to develop an independent research project. Attention is given to preparing presentations at national meetings and publications and emphasizes further development of research interests. The third year also provides time for additional clinical experiences in areas of interest to the fellow.

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