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Current Global CARE Projects

Sherman netlifeOur vision to improve the health of children extends far beyond the Rochester community. Dr. Andrew Sherman, a CARE graduate, leads Netlife, which focuses on distributing and exploring the use of insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria in West Africa. He now teaches Global Health in the CARE Track. Current residents are planning to work in India and East Africa. Opportunities are also available to participate in partnerships in Latin America.

James Thomas, MD

Helping Babies Breathe

James Thomas, MD

Dr. Thomas trained local physicians and birth attendants in Ladakh, India with the Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) Program to decrease neonatal deaths. HBB is an evidence-based program sponsored by the AAP.

Dr. Thomas was recently awarded an AAP I-CATCH Grant for Newborn Resuscitation Training in India. Dr. Nirupama Laroia is mentoring James and went to India with him.

Dr. Thomas had his abstract  “Post-Training Knowledge Gaps Following Helping Babies Breathe Training in Northern India” accepted for a poster presentation at the 2015 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting and Eastern SPR Annual Meeting.

Oliver Salmon, DO
Dr. Salmon plans to go to India with Dr. Laroia in 2016.