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Meet Our Current Fellows

Anna Defayette

Annamarie Defayette,PhD

I received my PhD in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University in 2022. As a fellow, my research examines relations between social networks, inflammatory markers, and suicide risk among youth and young adults, including those considered to be at clinical high-risk for psychosis. 

Morica Hutchinson

Morica Hutchinson,PhD 

I study suicide prevention in adolescents, including the role of emotion regulation strategies in psychosocial interventions to bolster mental health outcomes and adaptive coping.

Alexandre Diaz

Alexandre Paim-Diaz, MD 

I am a Brazilian MD/Ph.D. interested in investigating non-invasive brain stimulation techniques for decreasing suicidal ideation and their mechanism of action. I am currently investigating the feasibility of a home-based, non-invasive brain stimulation administered after hospital discharge for individuals with a history of suicidal ideation or behavior.

Our Alumni (coming soon!)