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Family Therapy Training Program Mission

UR MS MFT Mission Statement

We prepare competent relational/systemic therapists (MFTs) to care for and promote biopsychosocial/whole health with people across diverse communities.

The MS MFT Program commits to the following program goals and student learning outcomes*:

Program Goal 1:  Demonstrate knowledge of the MFT Profession

  • SLO 1:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of the history, key systemic ideas and theoretical approaches of the Marriage and Family Therapy profession. 
  • SLO 2:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of MFT professional networks (national, state and international).
  • SLO 3:  Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill as advocates for MFT profession and relevant family/systems-oriented law and policies.

Program Goal 2: Demonstrate ability to provide culturally-attuned, evidence-informed, ethical care to a broad diversity of patients and families as a self-reflective relational systemic clinician.

  • SLO 4:  Students will demonstrate culturally-attuned care for a diverse caseload.
  • SLO 5:  Students will demonstrate evidence-informed assessment and treatment of individuals and relational systems.
  • SLO 6:  Students will demonstrate ethical practice aligned with the AAMFT Code of Ethics and pertinent regulatory bodies.
  • SLO 7:  Students will demonstrate self-reflective practices about their clinical work.
  • SLO 8: Students will demonstrate biopsychosocial (whole health) and relational systemic clinical skills.
  • SLO 9: Students will demonstrate collaborative skills with interdisciplinary colleagues.

Program Goal 3:  Demonstrate lifelong learning practices.

  • SLO 10:  Students will establish a continuous individualized learning plan that is reflective of self-of-the-therapist growth, ongoing professional improvement, and effective ethical culturally-attuned treatment for diverse populations.
  • SLO 11: Students will demonstrate the ability to stay current with the evolving body of MFT knowledge as well as evidence-informed best practices to build foundational skills for maintaining professional competency post-graduation.

* Additional details about the specific measures supporting our program goals and student learning outcomes (outcome-based education framework) can be viewed below:
 UR MS MFT Program Goals PDF
 UR MS MFT OBE Framework PDF