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New Users

  • Investigators/new users should contact Dr. Jordan by email to schedule a time for training on the CCMC instrument of interest.
  • New users will be supervised by Core personnel until proficiency has been demonstrated. Approximately 10 hours of supervised use is typical, but is highly variable based upon the users experience level and the difficulty of the experiment. It is the goal of the CCMR to train all users to proficiency so the each user may experience the satisfaction of completing their own imaging experiment.

Independent Use Privileges

  • Following a period of daytime, unsupervised use typically with CCMR staff nearby but not necessarily in the same room, arrangements will be made for the user to take a test at the microscope of interest. Once passed and it is clear to the user the responsibilities involved with independent use, users will be given access to the instrument after hours.
  • The CCMR reserves the right to determine the proficiency of each user and to require additional training if it is deemed necessary. Refresher training is available free of charge and is highly recommended for users who have not used the microscope of choice for an extended period.
  • User accounts inactive for one year or longer will be suspended and the user will need to contact the CCMR director for reactivation.