Nursing Career Advancement System

Nurse with patientOpportunities are available for career-long practice at Strong Memorial Hospital.

The Career Advancement System (CAS), previously known as the Clinical Advancement System, has been in place since the 1980s and was developed through the work of a Steering Committee and an Advisory Committee composed of staff nurses, nurse managers and other nursing leaders. CAS provides a variety of options for nurses as they progress and seek advanced professional or leadership roles.

CAS is a dynamic system responsive to changes in the health care delivery system and the nursing profession and is oriented toward the future. The system includes 6 levels of practice from novice nurses (Level 1) to advanced practice nurses (Level 6). This career ladder provides opportunities for all RNs to expand and grow their nursing practice at Strong Memorial Hospital.

All positions require an active New York State license in good standing.

Meliora Award

Child Psychiatry Team honored with the URMC Meliora (Ever Better) Award for innovations in their approach to children. Team 1-9200 adopted a new philosophy—Kids Do Well if They Can—and transformed its approach patients and families. The change has delivered increase patient, family and staff satisfaction!