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5-1200 Acute Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

20 bed unit

Exciting opportunity to work with our interdisciplinary team caring for a wide variety of patients ages 6 and up including Stroke, Brain Injury, SCI, Trauma, Orthopaedic, Neuro, Oncology, Pediatric, Solid Organ Transplant, Heart Failure and other medically complex patients. This opportunity will train you to offer clinical and emotional encouragement to patients and their families while they gain back independence. If you are looking for teamwork, flexibility, enthusiasm, critical thinking, and have a strong desire to help your patients learn new skills, then you will enjoy being part of our team. Share in the satisfaction of patients and families regaining control of their lives after serious injury. Positions for nurses from all experience levels are available and professional development opportunities, including certification, are accessible for those looking to advance their skills.

5-1600 Neurology

24 bed unit

Become a Neuroscience Nurse today! Exciting opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team providing holistic care to a diverse Neuro – medicine population that includes an 8-bed epilepsy-monitoring unit within, featuring state-of-the-art equipment that is unique to this region. This unit will offer experience with trachs, telemetry and a variety of neurological and medical diagnosis as well as educational opportunities to become a skilled neuroscience nurse. Must possess a positive attitude with excellent interpersonal and communication skills for this exciting, fast-paced environment.


25 bed unit

This unit specializes in Orthopaedic trauma, spinal surgery, and other elective Orthopaedic surgical diagnosis. As part of a department recognized for research and innovation, our Orthopaedic unit offers many opportunities for education and professional growth. Applicants must have excellent organizational, problem solving, and communication skills. Nurses hired to this unit can expect to be part of an enthusiastic and fun team.

5-3600 Neurosurgery

24 bed unit

The neurosurgical unit offers a fast-paced environment working with multidisciplinary teams that values nurses’ skills, talents, and compassion for our patient population. This unit offers a 6-8 bed intermediate care unit for patients who require hemodynamic and neurological monitoring. They include patients with brain tumors, epilepsy, brain aneurysms and spinal malformations. The goal is to provide exceptional patient care in an environment that promotes staff satisfaction. Neurosurgical experience is not necessary. Flexibility, enthusiasm, and the ability to be a team player are the only requirements.

6-1200 Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine Unit

11 beds

Exciting opportunity to work with adult and pediatric patients recovering from Acute Brain Injury. Develop your clinical skills while working with patients recovering from many causes of Brain Injury including oncological surgery, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and strokes. You will work in a newly constructed, state-of-the-art Acute Brain Injury recovery unit. Extensive orientation and continuous training that covers all phases of recovery from this diagnosis. Work with a team that includes Behavior Techs, Behavior Specialist, and Neuropsychologists. Assist in implementing patient centered care plans that include clinical support, patient education, and family education. Take pride in the progress that patients make as they journey toward recovery. Positions for nurses from all experience levels are available and professional development opportunities, including certification, are accessible for those looking to advance their skills.

8-1200 – NeuroMedicine Intensive Care Unit (NMICU)

12 bed unit

This 12 bed, state-of-the-art unit focuses on providing high quality care for patients with advanced neurologic and neurosurgical needs. Diagnoses include traumatic brain injury, aneurysm, stroke and other neurologic pathologies. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to work with a multidisciplinary team in a fast paced and challenging environment, and have strong critical thinking, communication, and organizational skills. Positions for nurses from all experience levels are available, and professional development opportunities are accessible for those looking to advance their skills.