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PNC Sub-councils

The Professional Nursing Council is comprised of nine sub-councils that dedicate work to areas that impact nursing practice. Each of these sub-councils is Chaired by a staff nurse. The sub-councils report quarterly to PNC regarding the work completed in their groups.

The purpose of each of the PNC Sub-councils:

Ambulatory Council

The Ambulatory PNC Sub-Council is comprised of 24 nurses from 18 specialty areas. This sub-council was created in order to focus on Ambulatory-specific Nursing Practice . Our purpose is to promote innovative nursing care and service excellence in the Ambulatory Setting through active participation in the Professional Nursing Council.

Clinical Practice Council

To promote excellence in patient care through discussion and review of current nursing practice, policies and procedures. We will collaborate, benchmark, and review current evidence in order to make informed recommendations. We will initiate clinical based education for improved outcomes.

Cultural Inclusion Council

To increase knowledge, sensitivity, and awareness of gender, generational, and cultural differences throughout the University; to develop ea deeper understanding and respect of different cultural characteristics, belief systems, history, behaviors, and values of members of other ethnic groups than our own.

Economic Awareness Council

To provide nurses with knowledge and understanding of the nursing budget and nursing's role in the overall financial performance of Strong Memorial Hospital.

Electronic Medical Records Advisory Council

To evaluate requests made by nursing practice staff to optimize the electronic medical record, eRecord, in order to assure that it accurately reflects and records the care provided.

Magnet Champion Council

To exemplify, promote and enhance the five tenets of Magnet: Transformational Leadership, Structural Empowerment, Exemplary Professional practice, New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements and Empirical Outcomes. Through education, collaboration and encouragement, Magnet Champions will empower UR Medicine Nursing Staff with Magnet pride (spirit), Magnet Ownership and Magnet accountability. 

Professional Development Council

The Professional Development Council is responsible for the professional development of nursing and nursing recognition through education, certification and celebration of nursing excellence. The Professional Development Council provides a framework to support professional growth. 

Quality and Safety Steering Council

The purpose of this committee is to plan and implement structures and processes to monitor nurse sensitive indicators and outcomes at the unit and service level to meet internal quality and safety goals and deliver patient care that is innovative and of the highest order.

Research and Evidence Based Practice Council

To promote the use of research and evidence in clinical practice through: the support of research and evidence-based activities, the education of staff, recognition of scholarly and evidence-based initiatives, and responsiveness to requests for the review and use of data to support decision-making and evidenced-based improvements.