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Success Stories

Spinal Cord Stimulation Helps Relieve Debilitating Back Pain

Lydia Michaux was training a fellow employee in September of 1994. When a heavy piece of equipment began to fall, Lydia stood in the way and took the brunt of it...

Remarkable Device Relieves Intense Foot Pain

When Chuck Calvert was attending a snowmobile race with his two sons, he suddenly began to experience a strange pain in his feet.
“I told my boys, ‘If this doesn’t stop, you’re going to have to drive me to the nearest hospital,’” Chuck recalls.

Fighting Back From Pain After A Near-Fatal Car Accident

The emergency crew didn’t expect to find anyone alive inside Kim Reeb’s wrecked car.“I lost control of my car,” Kim recalls. “My hood ended up around a tree. My legs were wrapped around the tree with the rest of the car...”

Relief From Mysterious and Intense Abdominal Pain

While at a concert in 1995, Candice Lajuett doubled over in pain.
“I told my uncle he either had to take me home or get me to a hospital!” Candice recalls...