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URMC / Arts in Mind / History of AIM Events / To Kill a Mockingbird Comments


GEVA: To Kill a Mockingbird -- Comments from participants

About the Performance:

Performance was fantastic and it was so cool to see the book on stage!

The performance was wonderful! I thought the actors did a great job telling the story in a way that was relatable while also remaining true to the original book.

The performances was great! The production added elements such as a teen chorus which depicted how a modern teen may be interpreting the art, from reading the book or seeing the play first hand.

I was appreciative that I could approach the story from a different perspective than I might have had reading the book in middle school. I really enjoyed the performance and relating it to current events today.


About the Discussion:

The discussion was interesting. It provided insight into how the producer modernized the play, by having the teen chorus present and also wearing hoodies. A symbol of the racial struggles that still persist to this day, such as the injustice of so many shootings of unarmed African American men.

I enjoyed reflecting on the piece with my medical student colleagues - thinking critically about where we see racism in our lives and in our work.

I enjoyed the opportunity to have the discussion after the play and wished we could have had more time to speak. It was nice to have so many faculty members available and willing to talk with us, but I do wish that there had been more student-faculty engaging dialogue.

The discussion was interesting and thought-provoking, I felt. The students were so diverse, and it was enriching to hear perspectives from a wide variety of backgrounds.

This topic is unfortunately still relevant today- times have changed but some of the same issues still penetrate the court systems. This was a really important way to get us thinking about these significant issues,

The discussion allowed people to share their reactions and highlight how timely this piece still is. Although, as a society we have advanced equality since the 1930s, we unfortunately still have a biased criminal justice system, which disproportionately disadvantages minorities.



I feel really, really lucky to have something like this available to medical students. It is great to meet people outside of school and have exposure to local arts.

I absolutely loved this event and regret that I will be graduating and leaving the area because that means that I will no longer have the opportunity to attend. I really think that medical students should take advantage of this opportunity.

Being able to attend and participate in these artistic endeavors which carry important messages that are resonating in our community and political climate is wonderful!

Great concept. I think it helped a lot to be read the prologue upstairs.