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Training Program in Oral Science

The Training Program in Oral Science (TPOS) provides enhanced training opportunities for oral biologists and dentist-scientists that enables them to pursue research careers in dentistry and medicine at academic, federal and industrial organizations.

Cross-disciplinary training focuses on the fields of oral infectious diseases and the cellular, developmental and molecular biology of craniofacial structures with an emphasis on understanding the basic mechanisms that underlie the clinical manifestations of oral disease.  The proposed curriculum focuses on the integration of basic science research and clinical practice.

The Training Program recruits dentists who wish to pursue a Ph.D. and dentist-Ph.D.s who want to engage in post-doctoral level training. A major component of the program is committed to the recruitment of dental students into a joint D.M.D./Ph.D. program (DSTP). These are students who wish to coordinate their clinical training with Ph.D. research studies. This novel program partners the University of Puerto Rico Dental School, which provides excellent clinical programs but no Ph.D. level training, with the highly regarded Ph.D. programs at the research-intensive University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. We also recruit Ph.D.s and baccalaureate degree-holders pursuing a Ph.D. In this manner, Ph.D. level scientists can be exposed and ultimately recruited to the field of Oral Science.


Program Co-Directors:
Catherine Ovitt, PhD

(585) 275-2920
David Yule, PhD
(585) 273-2154

The Center for Oral Biology
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 611
Rochester, New York 14642-8611