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7 Day Readmissions

7 Day Readmisssion Rate Chart

Why This Measure is Important

  • Payers, regulatory bodies and government all are encouraging hospitals to reduce readmissions.
  • Unnecessary readmissions are a hardship for patients and their families, and increase costs.

How We Measure

  • This measure is a count of the number of unplanned readmissions that occur within 7 days of discharge.
  • Our goal is to maintain a 7 day readmission rate lower than the national benchmark, ultimately driving towards zero.

What We Are Doing to Improve

  • Scheduling follow-up medical appointments and post discharge tests/labs prior to discharge
  • Identifying high risk populations of patients and develop specialized care coordination plans
  • All discharge instructions contain specifics about potential problems and a plan for what to do if they arise (e.g. who to call)
  • Providing feedback to clinicians when their patient has been readmitted within 7 days
  • Participate in Solutions for Patient Safety Readmission group, a national improvement collaborative focused on eliminating all patient harm by sharing ideas, data, and best practices among United States children’s hospitals
  • Reviewing all cases of ≤7 day readmissions to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Improving communication with outpatient providers to help patients transition more seamlessly from hospital to home/outpatient care.