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Family, Food and Fun

Woman cooking with childFunding for this program has recently ended. Information is still available for community interest.

Family, Food and Fun, in partnership with Foodlink, the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and Rochester Housing Authority, was a 16-week, community-based group program intended for families living in public housing communities with children ages 2 to 16.

Each session promoted increased physical activity and healthy eating as a way to prevent or manage conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Class Details

  • Two, 90-minute sessions each week.
  • Free, healthy meals at every session.
  • Nutrition education including information on portion sizes, reading food labels, sugar and salt intake, healthy food choices and food preparation assistance.
  • Each session included a minimum of 10 minutes of physical activity. Physical fitness increased five minutes each week to reach a maximum of 45 minutes per session.
  • Every household received a $10 Foodlink food voucher to buy fruits and vegetables from the Curbside Food Truck.
  • Residents learned tips and developed skills they can continue using throughout their lives.

Hear from Program Participants

Learn More

For more information on the program, contact Laura Sugarwala, director of community health partnerships, at (585) 602-0808 or by email.