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Heart Advocate Program

Our clinic-based Heart Advocate Woman relaxingProgram aims to help adults diagnosed with high blood pressure get their blood pressure under control by making positive and permanent changes in their behavior and lifestyle. Our program is part of the community-wide High Blood Pressure Collaborative.

Our trained advocates are embedded in local clinics and serve as the link between the health care providers and the patients. Watch this short video to learn more about how HAP and clinicians work together to improve patient health outcomes.

Clinic sites include:

  • Genesee Internal Medicine – Rochester General Hospital
    222 Alexander Street
  • Family Medicine at Parkway – Unity Health System
    500 Island Cottage Road
  • Highland Family Medicine – University of Rochester Medical Center
    777 South Clinton Avenue

The Role of Our Advocates

Our trained advocates work one-on-one with patients, most of whom are referred by patients’ health care providers. Patients can also request to meet with an advocate on their own. The services are FREE for patients.

Advocates provide the following support:

  • Take a blood pressure reading, so patients know where they stand.
  • Help patients understand why it’s so important to control blood pressure.
  • Listen and learn what patients are currently doing to control their blood pressure and talk about what gets in the way – what makes it difficult.
  • Work with patients to create a list of personal goals and steps to help them make healthy choices.
  • Share helpful tips, services, and other resources to help patients lower your blood pressure and stay on track.
  • Communicate with patients’ doctor or health care provider to let them know how their patients are doing.
  • Call or meet with patients, as needed, to cheer them on and support their success.

One of our Community Health Advocates included her advice in this video on "5 Simple Steps to a Healthier You."


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