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Corporate Compliance Program

To support employees in their duties and responsibilities, the URMC Corporate Compliance Program has developed a set of fundamental guidelines, plans and policies. Some of these guide the operations of our program while others provide information to employees regarding the many laws and regulations that govern our activities.

System-wide Policies

It is important to note that each URMC entity adheres to the plans and policies developed through the Corporate Compliance Program.

Code of Conduct

False Claims Act Prevention

Operational Policies

Sanctions for Billing Noncompliance

Entity-specific Plans/Policies

The governing board of each URMC affiliate entity approved the following corporate compliance plans and policies. The documents accessed through this web site contain verbiage for the University of Rochester Medical Center or Highland Hospital.

URMC Specific Plans/Policies Highland Hospital Specific Plans/Policy
Compliance Plan Compliance Plan
Billing Compliance Plan Billing Compliance Plan
Compliance Program Policy Manual Compliance Program Policy Manual

Entity-specific documents for other affiliates are available from the Compliance Office upon request.