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For Medical Emergencies call 911

If you have a medical question, contact your physician directly. For information about our providers, check Find a Provider or call 1-888-661-6162.

Contact Our Patient Care Facilities

Hospital Quick Reference

Strong Memorial Hospital & Golisano Children's Hospital
Main number (585) 275-2100
Strong Emergency Room (585) 275-4551
Patient Information (585) 275-2181
Volunteer Opportunities (585) 275-2420
Highland Hospital
Main number (585) 473-2200
Highland Emergency Room (585) 341-6880
Patient Information (585) 341-6870
Volunteer Opportunities (585) 341-6759


Please do not use email to send medical information or medical requests to your physician or a medical practice. Sorry, but we cannot diagnose or treat conditions by email. A clinician will not be answering your email. Please review our email policies explained in the Privacy Topics section of our website.

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